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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hill, Peale, Schuller, Church Growth and Plagiarism

Napoleon Hill began his career by writing about success. Like Tony Robbins today, he became famous for always talking about his formula for success. The content of success talk is shallow and contradictory, but these coaches repeat the same trite expressions to their gullible customers, whose jaws gape open at such statements as "Leaders have to lead." They applaud wildly when the speakers tell them "You can do anything, as long as you dream or imagine it!" - just as Hill promised.

Florence Scovel Shinn wrote her occultic book on success, and Norman Vincent Peale plagiarized it as The Power of Positive Thinking. Robert Schuller began his Church Growth Movement by inviting Peale to preach for him and spinning the original occultic material as Possibility Thinking.

Here is one article that links the occult to Peale, Schuller, and Rick Warren. The Lutheran Quarterly published the original essay and promptly went out of business. Do not offend The Force, Luke!

Peale stole shamelessly from the unknown Shinn and made a fortune from breaking the law. Schuller followed Peale and Napoleon Hill. Rick Warren followed Schuller and went to Fuller Seminary (like the Missouri and WELS leadership) where occultist Paul Y. Cho was an honored lecturer.

The entire foundation of Church Shrinkage and its spawn - Maggot Church (aka Emergent Church) is demonic, anti-Christian, and appalling.

Does anyone marvel that Kudu Don Patterson is a success coach, using his WELS connections to neglect his parish work and make big bucks for himself?

Pray tell, where are more success coaches found? Answer - in the Kudu Don Patterson odious network, his good ol' boy coven of former (free) vicars. Yes, you poor suckers in WELS - you are paying Holy Word to develop a political network for Patterson's eminent career.

And Patterson pays back his pals in Church and Change. Cornerstone will make a cool $45,000 from Holy Word. Who started Cornerstone? Answer - Ron Roth, RIP, a founder of the Church Shrinker Movement in WELS!

And who else works there at Cornerstone? Answer - Jeff Davis, board member (still listed) of Church and Change. Davis also serves on committees that use synod money to send to his pals - like Don Patterson. His photo is below.

This is getting like a family tree in the hills and hollers of the Deep South. Who else was on the board of Church and Change? Answer - Ski. No surprise here - Tim Glende became Facebook friends with Don Patterson this month. Awww. I wonder - why not before this?

But Patterson un-friended his own church member, Joe Krohn, before excommunicating him for doing what WELS always says to do - go to the person and discuss his errors. Like Rich Techlin in Appleton, Joe and Lisa Krohn were excommunicated for doing following WELS directives in confronting false doctrine.

I found it ironic to have SP Schroeder going through mental contortions at Emmaus about communing members from another parish, another denomination, when WELS pastors excommunicate their own members for being faithful to the Word and the Confessions, for daring to ask questions.