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Friday, May 27, 2011

Kudu Don Patterson Demands Joe and Lisa Krohn Repent,
Although He Insists They Were Forgiven Before Birth.
Write a Letter?

Holy Word has money for multiple African safaris, but needs WELS offering money to pay for its vicar each year. The deaconess is being funded by the Antioch Foundation.

Below is Joe Krohn's account of being excommunicated by Holy Word in Austin, Texas.

Notice how similar it is to Rick Techlin being kicked out of his family's congregation, St. Peter in Freedom, Wisconsin (Pastor Tim Glende and his sidekick Ski).

Don Patterson is the VP of his WELS district. He has been called twice to teach at The Sausage Factory. Not long ago he gave a paper (as did Paul Calvin Kelm) about how to improve education at Mequon. Are they not teaching enough Enthusiasm there?

Note that Patterson is famous for gathering a bunch of WELS workers and taking them to the Exponential pan-demon conference in Orlando, Florida. One thing you will never find there - a Lutheran speaker. No, the Lutherans sit in the audience, salivating about how they can employ those same lures, sugar-coating the Gospel while beating the snot out of their flocks.

Patterson is not--and I repeat--not a Church and Change leader, unless that is another GA lie. He has spoken there and he went to the last conference in the Milwaukee area. But he denies being a Changer and I believe that he denies it.

Patterson did hire Cornerstone for fleecing the sheep. Ron Roth, paleo-Shrinker, was head of that business before they buried him. Cornerstone never divulges their conflict of interest. They have their synod rain-makers always recommending that Cornerstone be used, and it is a dual LCMS-WELS "ministry," like Mark and Avoid Jeske's.

Patterson's conference or district had an entire meeting on the joys of UOJ. The papers were sloppy, moronic, and utterly devoid of exegesis.

Remember this, when WELS leaders tell you to write a letter or sit down and speak with them, they are cobras inviting the mouse for a meeting.

Stay with Me For a Moment
I will try to explain how this works. The UOJ-Pietism faction took over slowly after the death of Gausewitz, Hoenecke, and Bading.

The Evangelicals with their mandated cell groups work the same way, very controlling and abusive, legalistic and Antimonian at the same time.

With WELS they try to pretend they are all Gospel, because everyone in the world was justified before birth (first trimester). These UOJers do not comprehend the Gospel, the Means of Grace, or the efficacy of the Word.

In the name of all-Gospel (just like ELCA), they absolve their drunken, adulterous, murderous, and false-teaching WELS fellow pastors. Their Antinomianism sounds like no-law, but they are all-law due to their complete lack of Gospel.

Luther and the Book of Concord agree in dividing the Scriptures into Law and Gospel. Since UOJers teach a gospel-without-faith, they do not trust the Gospel Promises and do not bear the fruits of the Spirit.

Because they do not trust the efficacious Word, they force cell groups on people to produce the spiritual fruits they demand.

Notice Larry Olson's early contribution to the Church Growth journal. The sub-title is "See How It Grows." Did his parish ever grow while he was there? No. Did WELS grow from the CG takeover managed by Mischke, Kelm, Valleskey, Bivens, Roth, Hartman, Hagedorn, and Kovaciny? The synod staff grew faster than kudzu vine on a hot, humid day. The synod expenses grew faster than Mark Jeske's ego. But everything else plummeted.

The last thing any layman wants to do is say, "Look at how I got beat up." That goes against anyone's nature. The publication of two different excommunications tells me that the laity are fed up with the abuse, lying, and false doctrine.