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Monday, July 4, 2011

With Robert Schuller Kicked Off the Board,
His Church Growth Parish Bankrupt,
Will Larry Olson Repent and Become a Lutheran?

The supernatural glow comes from Enthusiasm.
Additional candidates for contrition are - Kelm, Valleskey, Bivens,
VP Huebner, Hartman, Radloff, Hagedorn, Ash, Glende, Ski, Doebler,
Patterson, Jeff Davis, Pope John the Malefactor.

Even though the Crystal Cathedral board is dominated by paid staff, those same people finally voted founder Robert Schuller out.

I doubt whether they will extend the Left Foot of Fellowship, called the Jackboot of Love in WELS. Although Schuller is down with Universalism, just like WELS, his church works hard at being relaxed about doctrinal issues. They do not kick people out for doubting that Hottentots are born forgiven of all their sin.

But the Changers have admit now that they have been following a blind guide. Schuller really founded the Church Growth Movement and McGavran at Fuller Seminary used Garden Grove (nearby) as proof of his concepts.

Garden Grove was first at dropping the denominational name, long before CrossWalk, CrossRoads, Pilgrim Community Church, and The CORE.

Garden Grove promoted anti-confessionalism so that everyone (except the Dutch Reformed) would feel at home.

Garden Grove, so close to Disneyland, made the services entertaining and light. Celebrity visitors--no matter what they believed or didn't--were featured.

Garden Grove pioneered the plagiarism of the occult. By identifying with Norman Vincent Peale, who stole his famous book from an occultist, Schuller made copy and paste originality popular, long before Paul Calvin Kelm went bald and myopic. In fact, Kelm and Valleskey and Bivens and Stadler picked up their CG ideas from Schuller and Fuller. So did Joel Gerlach.

Cornerstone (aka Church and Change) charges huge fees for fund-raising. Thanks Holy Word, Austin.

This may come as a shock to WELS and Missouri leaders, but they have followed the same downhill path as Garden Grove Community Church, training at Fuller and Willow Creek together, mouthing the same slogans. Best of all, the Syn Conference fragments have been united in getting rid of any layman or pastor who questioned their CG wisdom.

If I charged ten cents for everyone who danced on my grave, I would be buying up Schuller's debt and turning his beehive into a class mausoleum.