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Friday, February 10, 2012

Disappearing Web Evidence.
Silencing Martin Luther

"Error 404 - Page Not Found" is a common response, when I go back to an old link preserved on this blog. I decided the message needed an icon, so I created this one, especially appropriate since the UOJ hive regularly goes Medieval on me.

I learned early to copy and paste content along with the link. The actual URL may go away, but the evidence remains. People also back up the blog from time to time, since nothing lasts forever on the Net - except the pictures people wish would go away.

If you want to know about apostasy, look around at the synods. ELCA is beyond hope and dwells on one topic only, even though the leaders have already won that battle.

The Olde Synodical Conference tolerates all doctrines and opinions - including ELCA's - but not the Biblical core, justification by faith alone. The leaders loathe Luther and know almost nothing about him. They are managers who realize their income depends on an insurance business. Decades ago, the liberal Lutheran Forum journal wondered aloud about how AAL/LB controlled the synods with their grants. They received one and dropped the topic. I offered to write an article on the subject, but no one responded.

Roland Bainton was famous for his drawings. Some students got one.
Ours has Martin Luther holding our first two children.

Today I was reading Ludwig Fuerbringer on Luther. He constantly read Luther and knew the content of Luther's Works better than anyone today. He even took his family counseling advice from Luther. Does anyone do that today? Fuerbringer also focused on German, Greek, and Hebrew studies.