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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Pileated Woodpecker Sighted Again

Our guests got to watch the pileated woodpecker
work his way around the oak tree.
One favorite food is - oak borers.

Today Sassy took off after a creature on the ground. She has no chance against birds or squirrels, but she tries anyway.

The bird landed on a nearby tree and posed in profile as if to establish a safe harbor. It was a pileated woodpecker.

Here is more information and a recording of its laughing call.

They are almost the size of crows and perhaps the silliest birds to see. The photos do not reveal the clownish look of the bird, which is probably enhanced by its impressive size.

As some of you guessed, they are the model for Woody the Woodpecker, a favorite cartoon of the past.

I have had downy and hairy woodpeckers at the suet, but I was not looking for the pileated. The pileated needs about 150 acres to feed, so they are far less numerous. Counting the dead trees in the ravine behind our house (four or more), we have the habitat.

I have heard the drumming, too, which Woody did in the cartoons. We have some holes in our siding, one seeming to hold an acorn. That may be his work.

I am glad our goofy dog scared the bird into the tree, and even happier I put up plenty of suet over the winter. That is supposed to bring them closer. The front yard has some hanging in a protected area, with bushes for cover and perching, water on the ground, Nyjer and sunflower seed feeders. As bird-watchers know, an abundance of food, water, and shelter will create a little convention site, attracting more species.

A bag of suet costs about $2 a month to maintain. I enjoy seeing the splendors of Creation, which we take for granted.


Kay Kyser
- words and music by George Tibbles and Ramey Idries
- introduced in the cartoon film "Wet Blanket Policy" and
nominated for an Academy Award
- lyrics as recorded by The Kay Kyser Orchestra

Ho-ho-ho ho ho! Ho-ho-ho ho ho!
Oh, that's the Woody Woodpecker song
Ho-ho-ho ho ho! Ho-ho-ho ho ho!
Yeah, he's a-peckin' it all day long

He pecks a few holes in a tree to see
If a redwood's really red
And it's nothing to him, on the tiniest whim
To peck a few holes in your head

Ho-ho-ho ho ho! Ho-ho-ho ho ho!
Oh, that's the Woody Woodpecker's tune
Ho-ho-ho ho ho! Ho-ho-ho ho ho!
Makes the other woodpeckers swoon

Though it doesn't make sense to the dull and the dense
And the lady woodpeckers long for
Ho-ho-ho ho ho! Ho-ho-ho ho ho!
That's the Woody Woodpecker song

------ instrumental interlude ------

Ho-ho-ho ho ho! Ho-ho-ho ho ho!
Woody Woodpecker's serenade
Ho-ho-ho ho ho! Ho-ho-ho ho ho!
On the woodpecker hit parade

Though he can't sing a note, there's a frog in his throat
All his top notes come out blurred
He's the ladies' first choice, with a laugh in his voice
He gives all his rivals the bird

Ho-ho-ho ho ho! Ho-ho-ho ho ho!
He'll be settlin' down some day
Ho-ho-ho ho ho! Ho-ho-ho ho ho!
He'll be hearin' the preacher say

For the rest of your life you'll be Woody and wife
And the choir will sing along with
Ho-ho-ho ho ho! Ho-ho-ho ho ho!
The Woody Woodpecker song.