Monday, April 23, 2012

Table of Contents - Volume 1.
Luther's Sermons

Norma Boeckler

Acknowledgment — Editor’s Introduction Dedication to Frederick, the Elector Introduction to Volumes 1

First Sunday in Advent, Matthew 21:1-9. Christ Enters Jerusalem: or Faith; Good Works; and the Spiritual Meaning of This Gospel

Second Sunday in Advent, Luke 21:25-36. Christ’s Second Coming: or the Signs of the Day of Judgment; and the Comfort Christians Have from Them

Third Sunday in Advent, Matthew 11:2-10. John in Prison: or Christ’s Answer to John’s Question; His Praise of John; and the Application of This Gospel

Fourth Sunday in Advent, John 1:19-28. The Witness and Confession of John the Baptist; and the Spiritual Meaning of His Witness

Christmas, Luke 2:1-14. The Story of the Birth of Jesus; and the Angels’ Song

Second Christmas Day, Luke 2:15-20. The Fruits and Signs of the Power of the Word of God

Third Christmas Day, John 1:1-14. Christ’s Titles of Honor; His Coming; His Incarnation; and the Revelation of His Glory

St. Stephen’s Day, Matthew 23:34-39. The Christian Teaching Concerning Reason and Faith

Day of St. John the Evangelist, John 21:19-24. Everyone Should Honor His Calling and Be Content in It

Sunday After Christmas, Luke 2:33-4. Simeon; Anna; and the Childhood of Jesus

New Year’s Day, Luke 2:21. The Circumcision and Naming of Jesus

Epiphany, Matthew 2:1-12. The Story and Spiritual Meaning of This Gospel