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I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth. 1 Timothy 2:1-4

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Table of Contents - Volume 2
Luther's Sermons

Luther's Sermons - Volume 2 - Table of Contents


First Sunday after Epiphany. Luke 2:41-52. Jesus among the Doctors, or An Example of Cross-Bearing

Second Sermon: An Example of Severe Suffering

Second Sunday after Epiphany . John 2:1-11. Marriage at Cana

Third Sunday after Epiphany. Matthew 8:1-13. Christ heals the Centurion’s Servant, or Two Examples of Faith and Love. The Faith and Baptism of Children

Fourth Sunday after Epiphany. Matthew 8:23-27. Christ stilling the Tempest, or Faith and Unbelief, and Love

Fifth Sunday after Epiphany. Matthew 13:24-30. The Parable of the Tares

Septuagesima Sunday. Matthew 20:1-16. The Laborers in the Vineyard

Sexagesima Sunday. Luke 8:4-15. Parable of the Sower

Quinquagesima Sunday. Luke 18:31-43. Christ’s Passion and the Faith and Love of the Blind Man

Invocavit. First Sunday in Lent. Matthew 4:1-11. The Fast and the Temptation of Christ

Reminiscere. Second Sunday in Lent. Matthew 15:21-28. The Faith of the Syrophenician Woman

Oculi. Third Sunday in Lent. Luke 11:14-23. Jesus Casts out a Demon, or Christ’s Defense against his Blasphemers

Laetare. Fourth Sunday in Lent. John 6:1-5. Jesus Feeds 5000 People 

Judica. Fifth Sunday in Lent. John 8:46-59. The Jews Try to Stone Jesus, or Christ Defends Himself Against His Enemies

Palm Sunday. Matthew 21:1-9

Good Friday - How To Contemplate Christ's Sufferings

Confession and the Lord's Supper

Good Friday. How to Contemplate Christ’s Holy Sufferings. Confession and the Lord’s Supper


Easter Sunday. Mark 16:1-8. The Fruit and Power of Christ’s Resurrection... A Fine Sermon on the Reception of the Lord’s Supper

Second Sermon. Mark 16:1-8. Christ’s Resurrection and Its Benefits

Third Sermon. Mark 16:1-8. The Benefits and Comfort of Christ’s Resurrection

Easter Monday. Luke 24:13-35. Explanation of this Gospel and the Lord’s Supper

Second Sermon. Luke 24:13-35. Three Thoughts Taught by this Gospel and Christ’s Sermon to his Disciples

Easter Tuesday. Luke 24:36-47. Christ’s Appearance after His Resurrection and His Sermon to His Disciples

Second Sermon. Luke 24:36-47. A Comforting Example and Picture of Christ

Sunday after Easter. John 20:19-31. Jesus Appears to His Disciples, or the Nature, Fruit, and Power of Faith

Second Sermon. John 20:19-31. True Piety, the Law and Faith, and Love to our Neighbor

Third Sermon . John 20:19-31. The Fruit of Christ’s Resurrection and the Office of the Keys

Fourth Sermon. John 20:19-31. Thomas Saved from Unbelief

ACKNOWLEDGMENT Thanking God for his blessing thus far upon our labors and praying him to bless the writings of Luther further to the salvation and edification of many souls, we now place in the hand of the Church for her future use and benefit, this volume of 28 sermons of Luther’s Church Postil on the Gospels from the first Sunday after Epiphany to the first Sunday after Easter inclusive, and herewith make due acknowledgment for the first manuscripts of sermons to the following co-laborers: Revelation B.

Lederer, Chicago, the first sermon for the first Sunday after Epiphany and the second sermon for Easter; Prof. S. E. Ochsenford, D.D., Muhlenberg College, the second sermon for the first Sunday after Epiphany; Pres. A. G.

Voigt, D.D., Theological Seminary of the United Synod South, the sermon for the third Sunday after Epiphany and the second sermon for the first Sunday after Easter; Rev. R. C. H. Lenski, Anna, O., the sermon on Confession and the Lord’s Supper; Rev. C. Theodore Benze, the first sermon for Easter Monday; Prof. J. Schaller, New Ulm, Minn., the second sermon for Easter Monday; Rev. A. Haentzschel, Columbus, O., the first sermon for Easter Tuesday; Rev. W. E. Schuette, Toledo, O., the second sermon for Easter Tuesday; Rev. G. Dillman, Fostoria, O., the first sermon for the first Sunday after Easter; Rev. C. Huber, D. D., Richmond, Ind., the third sermon for the first Sunday after Easter. The translation of the other sermons, excepting two, and of all the Walch Analyses and Bugenhagen’s Summaries and the editing of the work, like the preceding six volumes, was done by the undersigned. J. N. LENKER