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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

From Dr. Lito Cruz

Extra Nos: More proof that old time orthodox Lutherans rejected UOJ principles:

"Indeed it is agreed by all of Christendom, that Justification = Forgiveness of Sins. From the quote above we see then beyond any shadow of doubt that the object of faith amongst UOJers is Justification, an event purported to have occurred for all people when Jesus died and rose again from the dead."

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Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel has left a new comment on your post "From Dr. Lito Cruz":

In the Epistle of 1 Peter 1:

We have presented to us election (verse 2).

Verses 3-4 - presents God's mercy, begetting his children to the incorruptible inheritance.

Verses 5-7 - relate being "kept by the power of God through faith," amidst the trials of faith, and temptations.

Verses 8-9 - speak of the believing Christian's confidence of glory to come, - receiving the final culmination of faith, - "even the salvation of your souls."

Verses 10-13 - presents the prophesied role of Christ's sufferings, the "preached Gospel," the Holy Spirit's role and the believer being exhorted to stay the course.

I don't see UOJ in this 1st Peter 1 epistle. What I do see, is election, the necessary focus on God's mercy, faith, and the Christian's struggle against sin and the world; and, the Holy Spirit, sent by Christ.

Sometimes I think that UOJ enthusiasts, in all their "theological" [God study / scrutinizing] quests are like those who make it their prime endeavor to analyze every Scriptural nuance.

UOJ enthusiasts, are like people who search for the fly poop in the pepper; hence, they can't recognize some straight-forward teachings of Scripture. They seem to be so concerned for their [own] eternal security that they miss the obvious, as it is exemplified (presented) in the aforementioned 1st Peter Scripture (chapter 1), brief, break-down.

In short, the very thing that UOJ enthusiasts don't care to fully recognize, is the faith "aspect" and the Holy Spirit's "connection" and role. But, then, I think the reason for this (whole) omission (and, even denial in some cases) on the UOJ enthusiasts’ part, is, that they would have to exercise some faith, to do so.

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


GJ - You are right, Pastor Bickel. The word "faith" sends them into a frenzy of name-calling and repeat-after-me talking points.

I am going to examine this problem in two significant portions of the Formula of Concord:

  1. The Righteousness of Faith.
  2. Election.