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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Zorro Says - "Robe Up!"
Problems with the Glende and Ski Comedy Hour

California wrote:
After watching one of the Who Dunnit? spectacles, some thoughts came to mind.

1.  To the stage performers (apt description, no?),  I say: Breathe deeply and repeat three times in rapid succession--- "It's not about me, it's not about me, it's not about me."  Repeat.  And again.

2.  Does a head-set make you a rock star? Moves like Jagger? Uh, no.  Please stop that ridiculous wandering back and forth all over the stage. 

3.  Does your belly spill over your belt? Ewww, that's gross. Another reason to robe up! 

4.  The old Adam always says "I want to do what I want to do and when I want to do it so don't you tell me I can't!"  The liturgy, in essence, is to curb that particular vanity so seductive to preachers.  I know, I know...but you want to  be relevant and connect and....sigh.

5.  Back to that wandering  across the stage thing:  Do you a bladder condition?  Control yourself and get behind that pulpit. pulpit?!

6.  The tie and shirt look is kind of, well, goofy.  I get it, you want a professional yet edgy look, right? Not to be mean, but it looks as if you forgot something. Just sayin'...

With all due respect, 



Brett Meyer has left a new comment on your post "Watch the Tim Glende Videos":

More "gold" from Appleton and the (W)ELS.

(W)ELS Pastor Ski
WhoDunnit series 2
00:30 “not going to be as bold as Pastor Tim and call God out. I don’t know if any of you noticed but Pastor Sievert and I tried to slide...(?)...when the lightening hit him we did not be affected. Now I’m not gonna say, not gonna say that God possibly isn’t a suspect, that’s not what I’m gonna say…”
15:50 “because our savior Jesus was on a mission, a mission for you and a mission for me, and through His life and through His death and through His resurrection a broken relationship that sin has caused will be repaired and eternal life would be given to us.”

(W)ELS Pastor Tim Glende
WhoDunnit series 5
3:50: “And if we want to talk back about week one when I talked about God we see God at work, but his handprint, his literal handprint, he wasn’t there actively.”

13:20 “and the Son of the Father was crucified, so that all the sons and daughters of the Father could have eternal life.”

14:00 “he (Barabas) must have said, “There’s no chance I’m free. I have so many crimes and sins against me I’m going to be punished. But he was given a new lease on life. The same is true for us, because the ultimate Son of the Father stood in our place. And released from us all the sins and weight and guilt of all of our problems and said, “you are free, your sins, they are forgiven.”” 


GJ - It is important to note that Uncle John Brug's dogmatic materials mark justification by faith passages in classical orthodoxy as MISLEADING.

The one and only dogma taught at Mequon is this -

the entire world has been declared forgiven of sin and saved, without faith, without the Word. 

That renders all discussions about doctrine, liturgy, music, and creeds obsolete.

Whoever fails to report a criminal assault against a child is a criminal himself.

DP Ed Werner went to his state prison for assaulting girls in his congregation.
But he was born forgiven, according to UOJ.
Deutschlander cannot fit UOJ (the orthodox position!) into the Confessions,
no matter what. What does that make UOJ? Hmm?

UOJ and Pietism go well together.
Knapp is still in print today, 
and UOJ is the only dogma of mainline Protestantism.
The translator was a ... Calvinist!