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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Milwaukee Nine - WELS Has Expulsion in Its DNA

When Holy Mother WELS is questioned,
the fat lady has already sung.
"You are damned to Hell," she explains, lovingly and patiently.

In the 1970s, Bill and Jane Kerner objected to WELS schools taking government money to enhance the science lab. This concerned Wisconsin Lutheran High School - WELS, which is now failing, in spite of the wonderful voucher plan to grab tax money for "private" schools.

California wrote:

Some people in a congregation in a suburb of Milwuakee objected. At least one family had students in the high school at the time.  The names of those specific parents were Bill and Jane Kerner.   The objecting parents tried to go through synod channels to stop the grants, using the synod's own doctrinal statement that WELS did not seek government grants.  They got no where. At one point  synod official said, the school hadn't "sought the grants, but grants were offered to them". So the objectors went public with the information.  The issue hit the front pages of the Milwaukee newspapers. That as has been the "unforgivable sin" for decades, resulted in their being told one Sunday morning by their pastor that they were could not participate in  communion that morning. There were other WELS people who were sympathetic to them, who made their sympathy known.   Eventually what became to be known as the "Milwaukee Nine" were all excommunicated over the issue.   

I had followed the situation through articles in Christian News, and had expressed support for their position to them via snail internet in those days. Christian News also published my letter to the editor supporting the "Milwaukee Nine".   Through the individual correspondence I remained informed by the some of the principles involved who appealed their excommunication through synod channels, but the excommunication was upheld.   After having exhausted all internal avenues, the Kerners  filed a lawsuit in Wisconsin court relating the acceptance of government grants making the high school (WELS) subject to non discriminating hiring practices etc.   The case was ultimately dismissed by the court.   I still have copies of the legal briefs associated with that lawsuit and articles about it from Milwaukee newspapers.

Therefore, discussing and voting in WELS is a charade that ends in expulsion - so much for UOJ. Jesus died on the cross so a pin-headed pastor could say, "You disagree about funding the science lab, so I will not commune you." No wonder WELS has grown (smaller) by leaps and bounds.


WELS church lady has left a new comment on your post "Wendland's UOJ Paper":

Thank you Brett. Yes, the link is provied on the SCD web page, yet I could not share the actual pdf itself. I was too lazy to provide the link, seeing as how one needs a strong cup of coffee before reading "material" from Wendland. Yes, I skimmed it first to scout our the troubled statements.(aka the statements that Pastor GJ would be most unhappy to read)

In Christ,


The puppy finally realized it was a bad plan.

GJ -  Rebecca, I am happy to see WELS leaders expose the dogma they have hidden from the public for so many decades. They love to spin the news via Otten, but they do not like any discussion of doctrine.


WELS church lady has left a new comment on your post "Synod Minders Defeat Themselves":

Tell the synod minders "No", we we will not ACCEPT the NNIV. Murdoch is a FRAUD and I will not allow the WELS to told what to do bu outside forces..."ain't" gonna a happen!

Keep telling them No, and if they do not not listen, tell them onece again "NO"!!!

In Christ,


GJ - The NNIV voting is a joke, just like the amalgamation vote, which failed at the convention. Did that failure to approve amalgamation matter? No, they reported amalgamation as passing and jumped into all the contracts to merge the schools. WELS pastors told me that the total cost was going to be $8 million but ended up $30 million. I cannot verify that - until The Love Shack officially denies it.

Clergy will say, once again, "This is a hill I won't die on." Eventually there are no hills left - ask ELCA exiles.

The LCA and ALC went into the 1987 merger with a handful of congregations jumping ship. The clergy and congregations went along with all the gay quotas, property grabs, and dogmatic apostasy. Anyone who dissented was not a team player, odd to the point of fanaticism, a redneck, a Fundie, a Bircher, a Right-to-Lifer. The ice curtain descended on those who voiced objections. Most of them stayed around and did very little. The ELCA bishops (retired) of the NALC all championed the merger, its crafts and assaults.