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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Posturing Princes of Pietism Will Not Let the Augsburg Confession and Its Apology Deter Them

Where are the faithful confessors today?

Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel has left a new comment on your post "Steal These Graphics - Justification by Faith - Ap...":

Ichabod -

Great posting! What could be more plain than those quotations from the Apology, which clearly state that it is faith that justifies!

However, be that as it may, I would not doubt that the universal objective justification enthusiasts have either black marked those quotations or cut them out of their Book of Concord books.......

Nathan M. Bickel - emeritus pastor


GJ - A WELS layman asked me to post statements from the Apology, so I did.

The spirit of Pietism exalts an amalgamation of dogma. They look upon their own creation and say, "Ah!"

Wayne Mueller patiently explained to the unwashed like us that the Confessions welcome new dogma. I never read a more Roman Catholic definition of the church.

According to Roman Catholics, there were many doctrines passed on from bishop to bishop. That is their definition of the Deposit of Faith. Therefore, the lack of any evidence for current dogma is irrelevant. It was passed on by the bishops, by word of mouth, until the right time came for revelation to the world.

With that claim is the practice of Roman dogma emerging from Roman worship. For instance, what began as a celebration of the Dormition of Mary (falling asleep or death of Mary) became the Assumption of Mary. The Assumption of Mary into heaven was a central celebration of the Medieval Church, but not defined officially until recently, by Pope Pius XII. in 1950.

Likewise, the Immaculate Conception of Mary (that she was born without sin and never committed a sin) was long held after being debated in the Middle Ages. However, this new dogma was not defined until Pope Pius IX declared it on his own in 1854, before Vatican I declared Him infallible. (He was often hailed as pope-king and sometimes the pronouns were capitalized. The pope is not only Peter the Apostle, he is...hushed tones, with a little excitement...Christ on earth! - almost like WELS District Presidents.

Arguing against UOJ as an innovation has been countered by Wayne (No Church Growth in WELS) Mueller.

It is confessional to invent new dogma -
Wayne Mueller says so,
quoting another WELS false teacher.
If you raise one eyebrow to this blasphemy,
they will extend the Left Foot of Fellowship.


rlschultz has left a new comment on your post "The Posturing Princes of Pietism Will Not Let the ...":

If I understand this correctly, the Roman Catholic church uses this whole Deposit of Faith doctrine to their advantage. They state that since they, and they alone, have this deposit, salvation can only be doled out by the institutional Roman Catholic church. From this they have built their hierarchy from priests on up to the pope. Lutherans used to talk about the distinction between visible and invisible church. These days, you rarely hear that brought up. Lifestyle is so much more important to them than sound doctrine.


GJ - That is correct. Roman Catholics define it their way and insist they are the only true church.

WELS does exactly the same thing, excommunicating people who know how false their leaders are, expelling ministers for writing an essay, and clearly aping the worst dogma from the Pietists, Fuller Seminary, and Willow Creek.