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Sunday, July 1, 2012

UOJ Is Not All Grace But All Works.
Why WELS, ELS, and Missouri Are Bi-Sectsual

The Universal Objective Justification advocates would like everyone to believe they are all grace. Ponder the
ridiculous blabber in the E. Preuss quotation in the graphic. Jack Cascione had that on his website, where I kelmed it, until it began appearing on this blog. Suddenly, that wonderful UOJ essay by Robert Preus disappeared faster than a case of Jim Beam at a COP meeting.

Preuss declared that everyone is forgiven before birth - certainly a supersaturation of grace. And where is the Word of God in this? Nowhere to be found. Faith means believing that this absurdity is true. Even then, faith is mocked because there is really no content to faith when the Promises arrive before the Word or faith.

Therefore, the UOJ fanatics have nothing to offer but works. They are the greatest. Ask them. No, do not bother. They will fill in all the details. They will name their relatives and wait for a gasp of approval. They will point to their glorious achievements for Holy Mother Synod. They will harshly condemn anyone who disagrees with them as heretics, divisive, lazy, and "hurting the synod."

That is also why the UOJ synods have become bi-sectsual. They have no Gospel and cannot explain the simplest concepts of the Bible to their victims. They take shelter in the Babtist faith. Yes, that is a great irony. They spend a lot of time condemning everyone else for unionism, but they salivate at the thought of Babtists teaching them evangelism.

Parlow, Jeske, Kelm, Patterson.
WELS leaders of Enthusiasm - UOJ and Church Growth.

Newly elected DP Patterson, one of the jelly-tele-tubbies of WELS, organized a group of church workers to attend the Exponential gathering in Orlando, Florida. My informant told me that five went with Team Patterson, but doubtless many others from WELS and Missouri also attended. The ELS does some of it, too, while abhorring WELS participation.

Here is a link to the 2012 Exponential.

Eight WELS workers went to the Andy Stanley Babtist worship festival - Drive. I linked the spontaneous, but organized dance planned for 2009. It was awesome!

Not a Photoshop - Andy Stanley explaining about two men being the new Babtist marriage style.
I think Andy is profoundly damaged by something in his family or his life.

Andy is cooking one up for 2013 too. The LCMS and WELS COPs should meet there - and be honest about it.

Because they have short-circuited the Means of Grace, the SynConference leaders have to substitute something else. Church Growth is always emitting some new fad, so those leaders are a constant source of inspiration for the sterile minds of Walther's heirs.

They are paying the Pied Pipers of Pietism to lead their members into Enthusiasm, hatred of the liturgy, and eventual Unitarian-Universalism. That is where Robert Schuller, Founder of Church Growth, took his congregation. When he was done with them, they accepted non-Christians as featured speakers at the Crystal Cathedral. And how could anyone tell the difference?


LPC has left a new comment on your post "UOJ Is Not All Grace But All Works. Why WELS, ELS,...":

Hang on isn't Kelming the same as McCaining it?



rlschultz has left a new comment on your post "UOJ Is Not All Grace But All Works. Why WELS, ELS,...":

Embracing UOJ causes Justification by Faith to fall like a house of cards. The UOJ proponents at first try to defend it with some pretzel logic like "faith is merely the hand that accepts" or "you have already been forgiven at the Cross". The Efficacy of the Word becomes short circuited with this twisted sophistry. Just like that, they jump on the Babtist bandwagon. Besides the conferences that they attend, they want the laity to Fireproof their Marriage or a host of other guilt inducing Law pounding measures.


Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel has left a new comment on your post "UOJ Is Not All Grace But All Works. Why WELS, ELS,...":

I believe that one of the ways in which universal objective justification enthusiasts disrespect the Holy Spirit and his initiating and sustaining work of faith in the individual soul, is by their own limited (thinking) and words. They point out that:

"faith is merely the hand that accepts" [their common explanation]

The Holy Spirit is not at all to be regarded lightly. Nor is his work in the whole faith process "mere."

And, shall we not forget what Ephesians 2:8-9 basically says: "Grace through faith........."

In short UOJ enthusiasts end up attempting to make Holy Spirit faith in the individual soul, something which it isn't.

Nathan M. Bickel - Bay City, MI


GJ - Everything they say is contrary to the Christian faith, contrary to the Scriptures, contrary to the Confessions. That is why they seek the out the Babtists - they are Gospel-starved. Some go Pentecostal, like the WELS missionaries (Taiwan) because they are Holy Spirit deprived. If they had been taught properly they would not be going after the Enthusiasts with such...ah, Enthusiasm.