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Monday, August 6, 2012

Steadfast Lutherans » It’s Official (and has been for more than 2 years).
No - Twenty Years. Wake Up To Women's Ordination

Steadfast Lutherans » It’s Official (and has been for more than 2 years).:

Apparently, the “Diaconate Guidelines” of the Atlantic District of the LCMS have been allowing female “deacons” to preach and administer the Sacrament since  2010. Who knew?

Don’t take my word for it.  Read it here.  The document, dated February 11, 2010, reads in part:

“Members of the district diaconate are men and women who have been selected by the Church and approved by the Atlantic District Board of Directors to serve after the example of our Lord Jesus…

“In the absence of an ordained pastor and with approval of the pastor and congregation, the deacon may serve at the divine service including the communion liturgy using reserved sacrament. This practice should be used sparingly so as to not confuse the “Office of Deacon” and the “Office of Pastor.” The deacon may officiate at funerals under the direction of a supervising pastor. The deacon may proclaim the Gospel in formal and informal settings after he/she has received training in homiletics and while remaining under the supervision of an ordained pastor.”

HERE is the Atlantic District President’s unofficial explanation for his district’s guidelines. And, HERE are his assurances that his district is most definitely not following its own guidelines.

Apparently, it’s opposite day in Brooklyn.

Read more here and here.

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Facebook comment from another's link of this story:

As I recently said, the LCMS does shamefully in the shadows the same things that the ELCA does in the light. Don't get me started on pastors with openly gay elders living in their "committed relationships," who bring their boyfriends to church with them.

If the LCMS is going to "play" conservative, then I think we need to clean up our practice. It is all nice that on paper, we're orthodox, but then what happens with the practice? It is the hypocrisy that bothers me even more than the willy nilly loosey goosey theology that goes with these things. At least the ELCA has the decency to ordain the women before they do Word and Sacrament ministry, more in keeping with AC XIV. Shame on us.


GJ - My. My.

Someone just jumped off the convent schoolbus and discovered women's ordination in the LCMS. The idea is to establish it for several decades, study it, and approve what has been going on without any conflict or controversy. Missouri, WELS, and the Little Sect did that with Church Growth.

Let's travel back in time to 1993, almost 20 years ago. Al Barry was newly elected as president of the LCMS. His covert campaign manager, Paul McCain, was promoted to his assistant, after serving about two years in the parish. Hey, Walther did the same thing - two years in the parish and made himself pope of the new synod, replacing Bishop Stephan, whom he robbed, kidnapped, and dumped in a hovel to die.

McCain was feeling his oats, so he invited me to visit the Purple Palace for a personal tour,  for some moments in the posh executive suite area. Bohlmann walked by - tossed from office but given a year's salary to roam around and have some fun.

The topic of women's ordination came up. I had lived in Columbus five years and often visited the ELCA seminary, Trinity, the product of the LCA/ALC merger. Hamma merged into Capital Seminary and the two became Trinity, complete with a Lenski room and a bookstore that did NOT sell Lenski. Who he?

I pointed out that female seminarians at Trinity wrote up their vicarage year, where they were hired to work at ELCA congregations. The vicars had their little annual publication for the men and women to record their thoughts. The ELCA women said they preached and administered the sacraments at LCMS congregations.

When I told McCain this, he immediately began denying it. I suggested that he find the documentation, but he was not interested in the facts.

The simple fact remains - the LCMS has practiced women's ordination, semi-stealth, for decades. No one has ever been disciplined. When a female ELCA pastor preached at a Missouri congregation, probably during Barry's lukewarm presidency, nothing was done.

Likewise, the WELS latte church, highly praised in FIC, had a woman pastor who bragged about administering the Means of Grace. Martin Luther College even had her designated as a featured speaker for their Church and Change events. But publication of that in Ichabod got her a dis-invite. Two steps forward in Christ, one step back. The process moves on.

Steadfast's publication of this moldy old news is proof that they are as clueless as they are spineless.

When Harrison snapped his banjo-scarred fingers, they erased all evidence of LCMS duplicity in child rape in Minnesota. Fortunately, I copied the evidence for the future lawsuits emanating from Missouri's obstruction of justice (deliberate and systematic destruction of evidence). That is a felony, ye DPs united in denial and obfuscation.