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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tim Glende, Paul McCain, Jon Buchholz - Bosom Buddies Through UOJ

Tim and Katy - bosom buddies.
Tim is bronzer buddies with Snookie.
I made this Photoshop really obvious, because the Taj Mahal has policies
about who can pose there.

Paul McCain is bosom buddies with
WELS DP Jon Buchholz.
Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel has left a new comment on your post "Bedfellows of Apostasy - Paul McCain, FB Friends w...":

Ichabod -

I think that you are correct in saying that the recent turn of events vis-a-vis the WELS suspension, showcases "a clear confession of their confusion," of those universal objective justification fanatics, such as McCain.

The sad part about McCain, though, is that he is seducing others to join his McCaininite deviltry.

Nathan M. Bickel 


GJ - UOJ unites people through their common hatred of the New Testament Gospel, but that does not unite them in other ways.

McCain and Otten worked together covertly to elect Al Barry, and they love UOJ, but they loathe one another now.

McCain supposedly hates the Church Growth Movement, as my letter from him claims from many years ago, but he is blogging buddies with Tim Glende, who engages in outright plagiarism in his Groeschel-cloning congregation.

Both of them love, love, love UOJ - so Paul McCain has blogged with Glende. So heart-warming.

Here is Paul calling for Tim - "Dinner is served!"