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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Clerical Shirts - The Fabric of Our Lies

I looked at Intrepid Lutherans to see if more comments were appearing about Gerhard on Romans 5:19 - one of many places the Enthusiasts have "discovered" UOJ.

The translation still has only five comments, even though the lies about UOJ being orthodox Lutheran doctrine gravitate around such key atonement passages.

Which new article has nine comments? Clerical attire!

Lutherans do not want to face the main issue of today. They have a Squirrel! response whenever the Gospel comes up as a disputed topic. (Our Sassy can be distracted from anything if someone says, "Squirrel!")

That reminds me of the ELCA merger, when the largest share of memorials concerned the pension fund, which continued to be a contentious topic for some time after 1987. No one recognized the gay quotas and false doctrine propping up the new beast, conceived by Diaprax, the process of involving everyone in moving toward the assumed end-point, even letting them vote on it.

There is an inverse relationship between attire and doctrine. Those who must - or must not - wear a Roman collar are also those who dodge the doctrinal issues. I remember John Seifert, the future DP at the time, scowling at me because I wore a Friar Tuck to the WELS district convention. He had no scowls for clergy adultery or Fuller doctrine. But a black shirt made him see red.

The confusion about attire parallels that about education. What we wear or where we wen to school are truly matters of indifference. But we believe and teach - that is number one. If incense is number one, sound doctrine below that by definition. 

If the right degree from the right school from the right synod from the right person from the right clerical family equals orthodoxy - then Paul Wendland stands at the fulcrum of the ages. 

Christ is the same whether grasped by the faith of a baby, a teen, or senior citizen. Education may help in explaining Christian doctrine, but it often gets in the way, since people feel obliged to honor their relatives, professors, and institutions rather than the Word of God. They do not know that they do not know, because everyone around them says, "This is the right way to think."

In a corrupt, degraded, abusive sect like WELS, someone with a few questions feels like a prophet. He can pretend to be "confessional" after assuming the role of conformist again. After all, few were intrepid enough to say anything. Spurning the cross, he dons a store-bought Medal of Honor when he only earned a good conduct medal.

As everyone knows, WELSians are experts on every denomination on earth (all bad). They often comment about others in their misguided, proud way, a Latourettee tirade of abuse. I received one email about someone's relative who is WELS. The LCMS relatives have to make sure the WELS person gave the blessing at dinner, because he could not let a Missouri member lead the prayer.

I wrote, in effect: "You! Must! Be! Kidding! Their New NIV is total unionism at work."

WELS and Missouri clergy meet with ELCA pastors at Fuller and Willow Creek to learn about how to do real ministry. Moreover, WELS and Missouri leaders work constantly with ELCA and follow ELCA rules in their joint endeavors. Those who have qualms about gay and women pastors best hush up - not that WELS and Missouri leaders really care about that anyway.

WELS and Missouri preserve their exquisite practice of pan-denominational unionism while practicing it without ceasing.

Ski and Tim Glende get their liturgical jeans in a knot if I quote from a Lutheran author not on their required reading list from Mequon. Scholars are divided about whether they read anything there, but that is not the point. They routinely channel Groeschel verbatim, just as Paul McCain channels the Catholic Encyclopedia verbatim. And both plagiarism teams unite to denounce me for teaching Luther's doctrine of justification.

SynCon Lutheran leadership:
a blind clown leading the blind.

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