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Monday, November 19, 2012

Follow the Money - Use Guidestar and Ask Questions

They must have to report income somewhere though:


WELS Pastor Joel Lillo, Fox Valley has left a new comment on your post "Follow the Money - Use Guidestar and Ask Questions...":

Do you know how tiresome that particular meme has become? You know, using cliches is a form of plagiarism, too.


GJ - Ho ho! A new definition of plagiarism. A meme is simply a graphic with stereotypical phrasing. Please identify the copyright of the wording, Pastor Lillo, since I am the one who thought it up.

If you are death on plagiarism, Joel, you should sit down with Glende and Ski and your incompetent DP, and tell them their sins.

One WELS pastor told your DP, "If you can't do your job, resign." Man up and tell him.

I would be delighted to learn about actual cases of plagiarism you have found in Fox Valley. No no. Bethany and Swindle-All: we know that one. You have to find your own.


Joel has left a new comment on your post "Follow the Money - Use Guidestar and Ask Questions...":

Well, if you thought that one up all on your lonesome, wow, that makes you a big boy, doesn't it Greggy? Ahhhhhh, he's so cute making up his childish saywings aw by hisself, isn't he?


Ridicule dishonors a man more than dishonor does. 

Francois de La Rochefoucauld 

Read more at 


Joel has left a new comment on your post "Follow the Money - Use Guidestar and Ask Questions...":

"Ridicule dishonors a man more than dishonor does."

With that quote, you just discredited yourself and your little blog. What you do here is nothing but ridicule. You won't publish this, but I know it will get to you, and that's enough. 


GJ - I appreciate the constant reminders from you, Joel Lillo, that I am doing my job in producing high quality satire that exposes the parochial pettiness and vindictiveness of an abusive sect.

Where else do future Lutheran pastors disrobe in public view of the cafeteria staff, after "looking for the pope's bowling ball" in the sewage-polluted pond at Mequon? All those rituals of an in-bred, closed society seem to be normal to the people damaged by them.

But what outrages the Fox Valley reverends? Answer - a graphic that laughs at Paul Kelm hosting a leadership conference. Kelm has made a career out of channeling Fuller Seminary and calling that "creativity."

Glende and Ski congratulate each other in public on their "sermons" when they are just copying the work of others and claiming a paycheck for "being passionate about Jesus."

Someone wrote this - 

A. Berean has left a new comment on your post "Martin Chemnitz - Happy Birthday.":

One of Chemnitz's works which is sometimes overlooked is his exposition on the Lord's Prayer (translated by Georg Williams, published by CPH).

It's interesting to note what he says in Chapter Eight, "Forgive Us Our Debts."

"sin is never forgiven unless we repent (Jeremiah 5:7)..."

Jeremiah 5:7 reads, "How shall I pardon thee for this?"


I am thinking - Chemnitz? The greatest Biblical expositor of all time, Martin Luther, is unknown to most in WELS. The second greatest theologian of the Christian Church, Martin Chemnitz, is unknown, unread, and unremembered.