Friday, November 30, 2012

Let's Put a Few District Presidents in Prison for the Same Length of Time.
WELS DP Ed Werner Already Did Time in the Big House

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The article says Schauer waived his right to having the jury decide whether his 1983 conviction constitutes aggravating circumstances that would ensure he gets a stricter (or maximum) sentence. I would bet the prosecutor demanded a jury trial because ever since 1983, Schauer was saying he was innocent, and people in the LCMS believed him, so just having a judge say he was guilty wasn't good enough this time. This other article says the jury trial lasted three days:

Former Lake George lay minister convicted of six sex crimes:

The Hubbard County Attorney's office on November 29, 2012, completed a three day jury trial concerning the case of State v. Darwin Frederick Schauer, DOB 09/21/1941 from Laporte.