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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Episcopal Conservative Gives Some Historical Perspective

Bow, bow to the Episcopal PB Katie Schori.

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                                                                                                             December 2012
Dear VOL Friend and Loyal Supporter,
In 1979 I wrote my first editorial as Managing editor of the Virginia CHURCHMAN. It was titled Gay is Not Okay. Needless to say, my stay in the diocese was short-lived. At the time I was dubbed extreme, shrill and strident.

Who would have thought that 33 years later The Episcopal Church would have openly gay and lesbian bishops, even more closeted homosexual bishops, and now a growing number of transgendered priests in Episcopal pulpits! A public bathroom at the recent Indianapolis General Convention was marked “Neutral Gender Restroom”. One can only imagine what a St. Paul, an Athanasius, a Cranmer or a Wesley would have had to say looking at this and then exploding with wrath and indignation at how this violated Scripture, Tradition, Reason, the righteousness and character of God and the holiness we are called to put on – however imperfectly we may wear that mantle.

Who would have thought that entire dioceses would, in time, up and leave (the most recent being South Carolina), following The Episcopal Church’s sordid consecration of a homosexual bishop! After that, they would watch as the small trickle of Episcopalians leaving TEC become a massive flood leading to the formation of a new Anglican missionary province in North America (ACNA) that is recognized by a large number of Global South provinces and archbishops who represent the vast majority of the Communion’s 77 million Anglicans.

A decade ago no one would have believed this possible. So it has become. The end is still not in sight. Today millions of dollars are being spent litigating for properties that rightfully belong to those who built and paid for them and who worshipped and honored God in them. Archbishops in provinces of the Anglican Communion will no longer sit at the same table with Episcopal Church leaders. Still the Episcopal Church stumbles blindly forward hoping it can steer a way through the ecclesiastical minefield offering canards of inclusivity and d

The Global South has distanced itself from North American Anglican jurisdictions they believe have become heterodox in faith and morals. A new Archbishop of Canterbury could be a game changer for the Anglican Communion starting in 2013.

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ELCA PB Mark Hanson and Episcopal PB Schori
have decimated their denominations.
WELS and Missouri work with both groups - happily, joyfully, greedily -
through Thrivent Insurance.


GJ - Virtue Online has been my reliable source of Episcopal news for some years. Years before the 2009 vote in ELCA, I was publishing VO and asking why ELCA was still together,

Hanson and Schori have worked together to ruin whatever was left of their denominations. I was impressed that current Episcopal bishops were willing to risk everything and take their dioceses out of the denomination.

Courts have set aside the law to let Schori grab property that belonged to congregations long before The Episcopal Church existed as a corporation. That said, the Presiding Bishop does not own any congregation's property. But the Great Dragon went ahead and stole whatever she could and slandered her own bishops. She even took out a large loan against the headquarters building to use as cash for endless lawsuits.

This matters to "conservative" Lutherans because they support continued religious work with ELCA and The Episcopal Church. Missouri and WELS are in bed with the gay activists and loving it.


bruce-church ( has left a new comment on your post "Episcopal Conservative Gives Some Historical Persp...":

A liberal Episcopal church in CA, in fellowship with the main E.P. body, is letting Islamists have their convention in their church.

The Muslim Public Affairs Council’s choice of location for its 12th Annual Convention on December 15 is telling: The All Saints Episcopal Church of Pasadena, California.

s an Episcopal Church, All Saints is also connected to a wider network of faith communities locally, nationally and globally.

• We are one of the 147 congregations in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles.
• The Diocese of Los Angeles is one of 110 dioceses in The Episcopal Church.
• The Episcopal Church is one of 38 provinces in the worldwide Anglican Communion.