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Saturday, December 1, 2012

The LCMS: Either Non-Prophet or Non-Profit.
What Would No Call Paul and His Overpriced Boss Say?

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What Should the Synod Do?


CPH needs to rethink its mission. It should be taken back as a non-profit subsidized by synod. Hymnals and Catechisms should be “sold” at as near cost as possible. Grants should be created to help CPH give away hymnals and catechisms at less than cost. The point of the hymnal should be to unite the Synod in doctrine and practice not to underwrite a terrible VBS program that promotes contemporary worship. CPH execs should not be paid at the same rate as Zondervan execs but at district scale. The Catechism translation should be owned by the synod not CPH. It should be made available for reproduction, without cost, to anyone who is using it piously, without modifying it.

McCain rec'd a $21,082 mega-raise between 2008 and 2010, so his current compensation in 2012 may be much higher. Likewise, Kintz rec'd a $23,471 mega-raise, and Schultz a $36,700 mega-raise. That's $81,253 total in mega-raises right during the Great Recession when too many LCMS members to count are collecting unemployment, and having their houses foreclosed on to boot!

By synod resolution in 2010, a committee studying what makes the CUS and seminaries so expensive is to report during the 2013 convention. It's already includes a salary study.  I hope they include CPH salaries, since buying books from CPH drives up student costs, and that cost is factored into what sized student loans can be taken out. Also, it affects doctrine and practice, since students know they can buy three or four Reformed books for the cost of one of CPH's supposedly Lutheran books:

CPH 2010 990 Form, Part II, p. 2:

Kintz: 257,095
Schultz: 242,427
McCain: 186,054
Total: $685,576

CPH 2008 990 Form, Part II, p. 2:

Kintz: 233,624
Schultz: 205,727
McCain: 164,972
Total: $604,323
A note of explanation concerning one of the line items in the 990 Form that may cause confusion: Column F "Compensation reported in prior form 990 or Form 990-EZ" can't
be used for year-to-year comparisons because it comes from the W2 and includes deferred compensation:

excerpt: Consider another example:  Schedule J, Part II – Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, and Highest Compensated Employees, Column F.  This column heading reads “Compensation reported in prior Form 990 or Form 990-EZ.”  If taken at face value, one would probably report compensation as reflected from the prior year Form 990, but this column was intended to report total compensation included in an individual’s current W-2 that was previously reported on Form 990 as deferred compensation.


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