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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WELS Needs an NNIV Salesman for Northwestern Publishing House President

Rob Bell is no ding-a-ling.
He knows how to market Universalism and make big money at it.

Rob Bell would be good. He is one of those Fuller products promoted and advanced by WELS leaders. Rob started a rock music group, another plus, and became a minister for an enormous congregation. His Mars Hill congregation did not like his Love Wins book. He is another one of those quasi-neo-crypto-Universalists, but he lacks the courage to admit it. He could make UOJ sound like magic, because he really has a way with words, more like a necromancer.

NPH could distribute McCain's 138 gun videos.

Paul McCain is comfortable with Thrivent and ELCA, but loves UOJ most of all. Some will object and say, "But McCain hates the NNIV and loves the ESV."

The genius of McCain, if any can be found, comes from his ability to pivot on any issue except UOJ. One day he will join farces with Tim Glende and publish on Tim's emergent church blog. The next day McCain will post a copied article against emergent church concepts.

Some days, McCain is death on Romanism. The next day he is plagiarizing anew that Roman Catholic website aimed at creating converts - New Advent.

As they say at Concordia Publishing House, while shopping from their high end catalogs, "Luther? Who  he? ROTFLOL!"

So much can be learned from Ski and Glende.

Who better than Ski and Glende, that tag-team of Lutheran confidence artists, to run Northwestern Publishing House?

WELS has not had a decent leader or original idea since Hoenecke and Gausewitz died. Hoenecke was finally translated and promptly forgotten. Gausewitz was simply erased from synodical memory, after a polite eulogy. Didja know Gausewitz served Grace in Milwaukee? No? Neither does the current pastor, whose favorite topic is hisself.

Ski and Glende fit the WELS profile of rewarding the guilty and punishing the innocent.

Ski bombed at St. Marcus in Milwaukee. Was he kicked out? No, the whale called Jeske TOG Inc vomited him on the shores of Appleton, with Bishop Katie, where he was given enormous amounts of money to start an evening service at St. Peter Freedom, to tickle the itching ears of Fox Valley WELS members.

Fox Valley needed a ninth emergent church.

Glende has the kind of resume that WELS admires most. Ask Mark Freier, the highly paid consultant for John Parlow, also known for wrecking congregations. Glende took a large, thriving campus church with a building right on the U. of Illinois campus, and converted it into an insolvent, debt-ridden congregation (with a new name!) on the outside of town, next to a corn field and hog wallow.

Glende does not know anything about Lutheran doctrine, but he defends UOJ with all his might. As NPH co-president, he could just run a T1 line to Craig Groeschel's servers and copy everything.

Paul Kelm invented kelming.
copying without attribution while changing a few words.

Paul Kelm is retiring from his chaplain's job at Wisconsin Lutheran College,  a campus which has always maintained the cutting edge of Lutheran apostasy.

  • Promote Church Growth? NWC.
  • Hire a homosexual Roman Catholic archbishop to give public lectures? NWC.
  • Defend the Martin Luther College gay video? NWC.

Kelm is old enough to draw Social Security and earn a full-time income. Church Growth never sacrificed nothing for the cause. They make sure they go first class. This job would be a breeze for Kelm. He is a Leonard Sweet promoter. In fact, as host of the Sweet conference he would not even lower himself to answer those unwashed critics who dared to question his wisdom.

WELS appreciates leaders like that.

He is a true ecumenist. Kelm loves every dogma except his own.

There is nothing like a stole on an academic gown, combined with unearned doctoral stripes, to express the awkwardness of Larry Olson, DMin, Fuller Seminary.

If you want to know who worships Holy Mother WELS, just mention Larry Olson. The idolater will immediately defend Olson. "He's harmless. Everyone knows he's a heretic."

He cannot write or teach, so he is due for a promotion.


Job Details

Job Title: President
Department: Administration
Reports To: The NPH Board of Directors through the synod president or his designee.

JOB PURPOSE: The President is responsible for providing strategic leadership for NPH by working with the Board and other management to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans, and policies. This role is also responsible to plan, develop, organize, implement, direct and evaluate the organization’s fiscal function and performance. Oversees all functional areas of Northwestern Publishing House including product development and production, Distribution, Order and Subscription services, NPH Christian Books and Gifts store, non proprietary merchandise buying, Human Resources, Finance/accounting, Information systems, Print buying, and Sales and marketing.
• In conjunction with division/department heads and the NPH Board of Directors annually review/revise the objectives and strategies of the NPH Strategic Plan.
• Recommend strategic direction to the NPH Board of Directors.
• As needed, recommend changes to the NPH investment policy established by the board.
• Recommend annual corporate and capital expenditure budgets for board approval.
• Develop agendas for Board and executive committee meetings and ensures compiled in a timely manner.
• Oversee that recommendations to the board from management are presented in a clear and organized manner.
• Oversee that the minutes from board meeting are accurate and archived properly.
• Develop the annual schedule of board meetings for approval.
• Provide reports/information/advice to the board as needed.

• Oversee that the mission and all operations of Northwestern Publishing House are carried out effectively.
• Oversee Human Resources, Finance/Accounting, and Information Systems in collaboration with the WELS Chief Financial Officer, Director of Human Resources and Chief Technology Officer, respectively.
• Evaluate and advise on the impact of the NPH long range plan and introduce new strategies as appropriate.
• Enhance and/or develop, implement and enforce policies and procedures of the organization that will improve the overall operation and effectiveness of NPH.
• Provide leadership and management to ensure that the mission and core values of the NPH are put into practice.
• Coordinate the strategic planning process with division and department heads.
• Establish and maintain contacts outside NPH to enhance the acceptance of Publishing House objectives, goals, products and services throughout the WELS.
• Ensure optimum utilization of the Publishing House's financial, physical, and human resources.
• Dispense advice, guidance, direction and authorization to carry out major plans and procedures that are consistent with established policies.
• Periodically review the by-laws and other documents that establish the legal status of the organization.
• Oversee that the organization meets all laws, regulations (local, state, national, international), and licensing or accreditation standards above and beyond the bare minimum required, including quality and safety.
• In conjunction with the NPH Director of Human Resources, monitor and determine staffing levels throughout the organization.
• Oversee that salaries/wages for each NPH employee are appropriate. Approve all wage increases.
• Recommend an annual corporate compensation plan to the board.
• In conjunction with the Director of Human Resources oversee that personnel policies and job descriptions are up-to-date and easily accessible.
• Oversee all capital building/grounds projects.
• Oversee the pricing of NPH products. Initiate increases in selling prices when necessary.
• Oversee sales and marketing efforts. Seek ways to increase sales and margins.

In collaboration with the Synod’s Chief Financial Officer:
• Oversee accounting, planning, financial reporting, tax filing, inventory and risk management functions.
• Develop and monitor accounting, planning, financial reporting, tax filing, inventory and risk management policies and procedures.
• Develop, maintain, and monitor the internal control structure and environment.
• Develop, maintain, and monitor financial reporting systems that provide timely, transparent, and accurate financial reports.
• Review short range and long range cash flow projections to maintain proper levels of working capital and to maximize investment returns.
• Review monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports and tax filings.
• Evaluate the long-term viability of the company's financial position.
• Develop, maintain and monitor risk management programs and measures.
• Develop, maintain, and monitor operating and capital budgets.
• Provide financial assessment of the impact of new products planned for by the Publishing Review Committee.
• Evaluate operational efficiency and effectiveness.
• Report and interpret corporate financial results to all levels of management and the Board of Directors. Take steps to insure that appropriate measures are taken to correct unsatisfactory conditions.
• Together with the Director of Accounting develop an annual corporate budget.
• Lead the NPH management team in formulating an annual operating budget for board approval that reflects an increase in net assets from operations.
• Prepare and present annual budget proposals for the Board of Directors.
• Review costs related to all publishing and advertising projects.
• Advise the Publishing Review Committee (PRC) regarding the financial impact of all matters relating to new products.

In collaboration with the WELS Chief Financial Officer;
• Develop maintain and monitor inventory management and control systems.
• Oversee the management of proprietary and non proprietary inventory to assure attainment of corporate goals regarding customer service, gross margin, and inventory turnover.
• Oversee that overall proprietary and non proprietary inventory is in line with sales.
• Oversee that slow moving proprietary and non proprietary inventory is addressed in a timely manner.
• Oversee product donations, special discounts, and discards of proprietary products.
• Oversee the timely reprinting of NPH products.
• Oversee the print buying area.
• Determine print quantities for all proprietary products.
• Together with the Director of Accounting update the corporate obsolescence policy when necessary.
• Annually prepare a list of products to be written off.

This position reports to the NPH Board of Directors.

Reporting directly to this office are:
• Vice President of Publishing Services
• Director of Human Resources and Customer Services
• Director of Accounting
• Director of Sales and Marketing
• Director of Information Systems

• An active member of the WELS
• An understanding of the mission of the WELS and Northwestern Publishing House
• Masters’ degree or equivalent; or a minimum of ten years related experience or equivalent combination of education and experience
• An experience leader and financial executive with appropriate experience preferably in the publishing industry
• A strategic visionary with sound technical skills, analytical ability, good judgment and strong operational focus
• An understanding of technology and how it applies to operating NPH and the products published
• A well-organized and self-directed individual who has the ability to effectively execute change when necessary
• Demostrated (sic) ability relate to people at all levels of an organization and possesses excellent communication skills [GJ - spelling don't count]


PS - Policy at corporations where resumes come in by the hundreds -

Reject any resume with a misspelled word.

Thus - Northwestern Publishing House.

Need I mention? Paul McCain cannot spell or edit worth a hoot. I would put his resume at the top of the pile.