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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Anonymous Accusations - At Least Kudu Don Patterson Signed His Email

Luther Bunker wants his UOJ.

Luther Bunker has left a new comment on your post "An Anonymous Claim Without Support":

Your duplicity is shocking. You condemn other bloggers for manipulating their blogs by shunning and non-publishing comments. And then you do the same here and say you publish all comments. You are a fool and a liar.

Again, redemption is not regeneration. 


GJ - The UOJ fanatics from WELS are dense. They cannot comprehend English, so how can they grasp Greek?

I said, repeatedly, that I let most comments pass through - not all of them. Most and all are different words. But UOJ dolts think some and all are the same words. That is why they love their New NIV, which adds an all to deliver their favorite dogma.

Luther Bunko wants a free ride from a blog with 2 to 3 thousand page-views a day, but he wants to enjoy publishing without responsibily.

DP Kudu Don Patterson sent me an email using the same language, but he signed it. WELS clergy are verbally abusive and easily offended by the truth, an unpleasant combination.

From a pastor Ichabod post

Kudu Don Patterson, Stealth Church and Chicanery leader, with Robert Timmerman. The zebra is playing possum in hopes of getting away.

Hey, Greg,

I am not a part of Church and Change Leadership. I went to one conference a few years ago and had my own reservations. Also, Robert Timmerman does not serve as a church council pres at our church. You are lying on your blog.

Donald Patterson
subject: Don't be a fool

sent to

Patterson denied being a Church and Changer,
but attended their "last" conference.
He also participated in the C and C list-serve discussions,
oozing the comment "pure gold" when John Lawrenz wrote.


GJ - I don't look at my gmail very often, as readers can see. Someone could have created a gmail account and sent this. In fact, one of his cronies could have. I looked up "kudu" and found this site. So I think Kudu Don Patterson sent the email.

The African kudu.

This email does remind me of typical WELS evasion tactics -avoid the main point and call someone a liar on a trivial, debatable matter.

Does VP Patterson soak up synod money by asking for grants to pay for his vicars? Yes.

Does VP Patterson support Rock and Roll Church? Yes.

Did VP Patterson take Chad White (on his parish staff) and others to the Exponential Conference? Yes.

Did Stelljes, son of a member of Holy Word, also attend that pan-denominational conference? Yes.

Did other WELS workers attend that conference? Yes.

Was Brother Stetzer a featured speaker at Exponential? Yes.

Was Babtist Stetzer hired to speak to Church and Change's 2009 conference soon after? Yes.

Did Church and Change start lying about Stetzer? Yes - so much that one of my sources got rattled about whether it was true or not. I posted three separate proofs that Stetzer was hired in August - all from Stetzer himself. It was up to Church and Change to prove otherwise. SP Schroeder said Stetzer is an issue, so who is lying?

Is Timmerman a leader at Patterson's church? Yes. Timmerman is also on the WELS governing board. (I am not the parish or synodical secretary, so terms of office are not in my job description.) If Patterson wants to pretend Timmerman is not involved in Church and Change, as he also pretends - many know otherwise. Does he want to suggest Timmerman, who must bankroll the African safaris, is not a parish leader?

So, is Patterson a stealth leader of Church and Change?

  • He galloped after Stetzer, even to the point of organizing a pilgrimage of Patterson parrots to Exponential.
  • He was a study leader at a Church and Change conference, which means they thoroughly vetted him for his Church Growth doctrinal standards (that is: anti-Lutheran to the core).
  • His odious network is definitely on the side of Church and Change, defiantly so.Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "WELS VP Calls Me a Fool and a Liar":

    Good for Patterson. You lie and tell half-truths all the time, mostly to make yourself look good.

    [GJ - Confidential to Joe - I don't think you should post anonymously when Patteson arranges for Rock and Roll to have more grant money. Conflict of interest and all that. Does it bother you that he took a crew to hear Brother Stetzer and a bunch of false teachers at Exponential?]


    GJ - What was your name? I didn't catch it.


    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "WELS VP Calls Me a Fool and a Liar":

    Ignore Don's jackals.


    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "WELS VP Calls Me a Fool and a Liar":

    I'm glad that you can make such sweeping inferences about someone, especially when some of your bellowing is patently false... although that matters not to you. Well guess what Greg? Because of your half-truths, your carelessness and your downright vile-ness, most of us care little about you except to pray for your soul. That is the Christian thing to do, No, wait, I'm sure that is way too pietistic for you because it would mean to show concern for someone. Well, we'll keep praying for you (and all the others you are fomenting hatred within) and you enjoy your little self-serve perish (that wasn't a typo).


    GJ - Don's jackals care so little that they stop by every day to bite and chew. Too bad they are toothless. I would be bitter and angry too - if I spent my career promoting Babtist theology...if I ended ended up with a non-pastor (Ed Stetzer) as guest speaker, a hot-air merchant so pathetic he has to claim "two doctorates" (false) and "two master's degrees" (so what) on every bio.

    Church and Chicanery is losing ground. All they have to offer is a pack of lies. The trouble with the first set of deceptions is that they need another set to cover for them.


    Conference 09
    Nov 5th - 7th
    Wyndham Milwaukee Airport Hotel and Convention Center

    C&C events are a great place to network with people who have similar ministries, situations and problems. Come, learn and benefit from everyone's experience!

    More information is coming soon!

  • For months they have claimed - More information is coming soon. They need to wake up the webmaster or tell the truth about Stetzer.

    Joe Krohn, one of their ovine followers, could not get the truth from them on their own list-serve.


    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "WELS VP Calls Me a Fool and a Liar":

    When did he call you a fool?


    GJ - When? The subject line of the email. I am not offended, but pleased. The feathers fly when the arrow reaches the mark. VP Patterson's behavior is typical of WELS Church Growth leaders. They do not repent and apologize - they accuse and slander and deceive. That is why I call the headquarters buildings The Love Shack - since most of the drones there talk love, and conversion via love, but exhibit nothing but spite and hated.