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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lutherans Know How To Divide and Destroy Their Denominations, Too

Episcopal Presiding Bishop Schori and another bishop posed for a happy picture.

Most readers realize by now that Katie Schori, the presiding bishop of The Episcopal Church, has been doing a bang-up job of destroying her own denomination, using equity from the church headquarters to sue her own priests and bishops.

Finally! A bishop with a wife who will stay home and cook dinner.

Her titular boss, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has done the same for world-wide Anglicanism, by promoting the same apostate causes. In America, the the climactic issue was Bishop Robinson posing with his husband after being enthroned. The American Episcopalians showed a lot of spine, leaving their church body and their priceless buildings for the sake of doctrinal integrity. I always thought of Episcopalians as especially flexible in doctrine, but they were better grounded than their Lutheran counterparts.

ELCA followed this Robinson debacle by passing the 2009 vote to ordain homosexual clergy. That began the exodus known as the LCMC (pre-existing but very small until 2009) and the bishops' own group, the NALC.

"Urbe et...what's the rest? Never took Latin."

Pope John the Malefactor (ELS) did his best when a few clergy disagreed with him and WELS about the ministry. He kicked them out. Some congregations left on their own rather than kiss his papal ring.

Now WELS is on another toot about their precious UOJ. DP Jon-Boy Buchholz has led the way by artlessly dividing a congregation in New Mexico. That reminded me of the Cuban boy in America. The family was told, "We are negotiating with Cuba" while the SWAT team was descending, using drawn guns to capture the boy and drag him back to the island he risked his life to escape. Likewise, Jon-Boy told the gathered congregation they would all continue to study UOJ while preparing his defenestration of the pastor.

The WELS Coven of Popes said to Jon-Boy, "You don't get all the fun by yourself, thou artless divider of congregations and districts. We are going to examine the Intrepids as closely as Glende and Ski examined Katy Perry. Anathema sit! Anathema sit! Anathema sit!"

I hate to bring up Luther at a time like this, with Milwaukee and St. Louis reading the blog. I might as well discuss nuclear physics with bunny rabbits. But Luther understood this warfare quite well.

The dividers are doing God a big favor, but not in a way they realize. The apostates want the glory, the power, and the riches. By separating the conservative loyalists from Holy Mother Synod, the apostate leaders are making things worse for themselves while setting the faithful free.

Katie Schori is a fast-forward look at Lutherdom in 2017. ELCA and WELS are dividing fast.

The LCMS? Matt Harrison and his buddies will continue to lavish money on themselves while suppressing all dissent from their divisive policies.