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Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Age WELS - Business Philosophy Blends Well

Brett Meyer has left a new comment on your post "WELS Proves the Answer is "No!"BBC News - Does con...":

The new age religion of self-esteem is only meant as a stepping stone to believing that men are gods. I've talked about this incident before: A few years ago a local WELS church hosted a children's play in which a young girl was trying to decide what she would do for a career. After much angst she slowly walked to the front of the stage and said, 'All I know is that as long as I listen to the small voice inside of me, I know I'll be making the right decision'. I looked around the packed auditorium hoping to register on the audience the same shock and disgust that I was experiencing - nope. They loved it. This was the same WELS church where the CDS principal's wife tried to practice Reiki on my wife's injured knee. My wife didn't know what she was doing as this woman rubbed her hands together and placed them over her knee. She said that she was harnessing the healing energy inside her and attempting to release it into her injured knee.

With the recent excommunication of faithful Christian and Pastor, Paul Rydecki from the WELS by District President Jon Buchholz it is clear that belief that they are gods has really taken hold.

Having abandoned the Scriptures and the Christian Book of Concord the Lutheran synods are rudderless and will continue down the path of the Roman Catholic Church as the world's denominations merge into the United Religions Initiative - the Lutheran slide being heavily greased by Thrivent. 


GJ - I told one non-Lutheran group, "Apply to Thrivent. They support any and all confessions, Unitarians too."

The Synodical Conference sects began in Pietism, as all the Lutheran groups did. Each one dealt with the Confessions in one way or another. 

Missouri began with lying about its own beginning and its sordid history. The celebration of Walther's 200th is a sad reminder of this mythology continuing.

In Perryville, where my classmate is mayor, they tell people that Bishop Stephan had three alternatives when the Walther mob kicked him out. They held a gun on him, so I can count only two alternatives - comply or die. 

But this story of three alternatives is repeated endlessly and piously. Otten recently repeated it in Christian News - so we know it is true, right?

Halle Pietism had no room for the Means of Grace, and rationalism soon invaded whatever remained of the Gospel. Knapp already had the Gospel converted to UOJ, and that was about 200 years ago. His crew trained Stephan, who trained Walther, who dominated the Synodical Conference as the expert on everything.

The Prosperity Gospel began in occult teaching, which Norman Vincent Peale plagiarized from another writer. Paul Y. Cho renewed it among Evangelicals and Pentecostals by blending his Korean occult religion with Christianity. He lectured at Fuller Seminary - and all the denominations ate it up.

When I attended Paul Kelm's evangelism seminar at Mequon, everything related to Fuller and Church Growth. One of the participants mentioned Cho with sighs and moans, the kind normally reserved for Walther in the LCMS. A WELS leader began another workshop by selling Cho books from a case he brought along.

A catalog of business and success tapes will show that many of them are directly related to such occult teachers as Napoleon Hill and Nightingale Conant. I noticed the same occult language in Mark and Avoid Jeske's alleged Time of Grace entertainment.

Robert Schuller won the Napoleon Hill Foundation Award one year, for advancing the philosophy or rather the anti-religion of Hill.

Therefore, when the pastors drop in a few key words about calling on the powers of the universe, as Jeske did, the businessmen light up and listen. "He is one of us." Not every businessman is one with The Force, but many are. This is an Age of Darkness.