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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sects Necessary? - Pastors and Congregations Asking the Wrong Questions

Those "free" seminars are subsidized by Thrivent
so they can sell their insurance products via a
licensed insurance agent. Their paid agent is a
Planned Giving Counselor with a "divine call" from the greedy synod.
The agent gets a commission from each sale,
so don't let Gramps and Granny take a pen to the seminar.

Recently an independent Lutheran congregation discussed the issue of affiliating with a group. 

One of the council members asked, "What does any synod have to offer us?"

Another Lutheran observed in a phone conversation, "The synods are finished. It is just a matter of time."

The synod structures do not exist to preach the Gospel but to reward friends and relatives. Each one is a massive skimming operation. Some will say, "Except for the Little Sect on the Prairie." No, they get more bucks per communicant than anyone from Marvin Schwan indulgences and from Thrivent's pan-religious donations.

They beat the drums for more money but refuse to say how it is spent. Simply asking for an accounting is the same as begging to be excommunicated.

Education? They do not educate anyone in Lutheran doctrine or the Bible. Ask parochial school graduates if they even know what the Book of Concord is. Ask a DP to explain the Gospel in Biblical terms, without the OJ/SJ labels of Pietism.

The SynCons use their seminaries to untrain candidates in Biblical knowledge, making them fund the salaries of lazy professors who just happen to be political pals.

Lutherans and Episcopalians have discovered they can walk away from mental slavery and supervisory abuse to live in peace with like-minded individuals and congregations. Federations work better than hierarchies when men cannot restrain their greed and ambition.


Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel has left a new comment on your post "Sects Necessary? - Pastors and Congregations Askin...":

Ichabod -

Yes - so aptly, put:

>>>>> "The synods are finished. It is just a matter of time." <<<<<

Those at the top of these ecclesiastical entities, will be the last to truly realize that reality. Why? Because Christ stated that He would build His Church.

Nathan M. Bickel