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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Does Ski Skate?
Friday Is the Big Day for the Truth about The CORE, Ski, and Tim Glende.
Contact SP Mark Schroeder and Mission Honcho Keith Free

Pastor Joel Lillo has always spoken for the Church and Changers in Fox Valley, but this is much bigger than Fox Valley or the Northern Wisconsin District of WELS.

The CORE--which is only an evening service for Fox Valley members who lub, lub, lub Emergent Church--has the complete support of Synod President Mark Schroeder and his new Missions guy, Keith Free.

Remember how everything was going to change when that Church Growther Harry Hagedorn left Missions? And all those other eevul guys Schroeder was blaming for Church Growthism in WELS?

Wayne Mueller (CG) was replaced with Jim Huebner (CG!!). Hagedorn (CG) with Keith Free (CG!!). Hey, it got worse, not better.

Not what they say, but what they do - that is the way to judge. Schroeder and Free poured out the money on the extremes of CG/Emergent in WELS, just as Schroeder's "confessional" buddy Buchholz now cuddles with Emergent Jeff Gunn at every conference.

Milwaukee should rename Mayfair Road The Damascus Highway (Acts 9:3), because so many have conversions on the way there.

After years of blaming everyone else for Church Growth in WELS, Schroeder and Free funded Rick Johnson (a huge fan of Leonard Sweet - huge) and the purchase of the stinky old bar for The CORE. Yes, Schroeder has real problems with Emergent Church dogma. He must think that funding it to death is the best cure - a bold, deft move on his part.

But now WELS is debating more than which apostate dogma to follow, fine aged UOJ or fresh new Universalism.

This is a legal issue. Will the Wisconsin sect learn from its past mistakes and stop covering up for the abusive behavior of its clergy and teachers?

Mark Schroeder
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
2929 N. Mayfair Road
Milwaukee, WI  53222
414.256.3202 (Office)

You can also contact WELS by calling 414-256-3888. 

Or ask for Keith Free. 
1. How much did WELS give to buy that bar?
2. Who owns the title?
3. Does Keith approve of the mockery of the cross at The CORE (picture below)?
4. Does Ski skate?
5. Why not discipline Glende too?
6. Why is Glende's previous congregation stuck out in the cornfield, unable to make ends meet, because of Tim forcing the sale of the paid-for church on the U. of Illinois campus? Will the Board apologize to Star of Bethlehem and make amends?

This is one of those clever projects, probably suggested by Craig Groeschel,
really a mockery of the cross of Christ.
Does Mark Schroeder approve?
Why fund it?


quercuscontramalum ( has left a new comment on your post "Does Ski Skate? Friday Is the Big Day for the Trut...":

#2: County records show the dive is titled to St. Peter. No online data for mortgage holders.

The parking lot is separate property and is owned by a bank. The hobos in the target demographic all come by train, so actually buying the parking lot wasn't a priority.

Tim Glende got rid of this paid-for church building on the U. of Illinois campus.

This is the interior of the former Bethlehem Lutheran Church.
No room for a coffee bar? Dump it - and they did.

From location, location, location (on a major university campus)
to cornfield, cornfield, cornfield - Glende's idea.
The past is prologue.