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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dr. Church Asks, "Is The CORE Necessary with So Many Churches Nearby?"


quercuscontramalum ( has left a new comment on your post "Dr. Church Asks, "Is The CORE Necessary with So Ma...":

Looking at Bing and Google Maps, consider that in the three city blocks between CORE and St. Paul's, —on the same street!— there are TWO other churches. (With steeples and crosses big enough to be seen from high altitude.) Google shows one church is a "wedding chapel" and the other is a Hmong-centric church. (St. Paul's also has a Hmong outreach.) CORE has the hobo crowd, I reckon.

Let's not forget St. Matthew's ("Getting Dirty With Jesus") is nine blocks the other way.

Who at WELS thought there wasn't ENOUGH Law & Gospel in downtown Appleton? Or did they think it was the WRONG flavor?

This is the Church Doctor, Kent Hunter,
not Dr. Church.


 GJ - Alternately, is one more Emergent Church needed in Appleton, when so many have already put down roots? One bought the movie theater where The CORE started. Another one shared the former WELS church building that The CORE used before buying the stinky old bar.