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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dr. Cruz Eviscerates UOJ

LPC has left a new comment on your post "Extra Nos: The fallacy of C F W Walther and his di...":

Really UOJ is sola gratia but it is not sola fide.

UOJ is justification by grace, period. It is not justification by grace THROUGH FAITH. It simply Justification by Grace, period.

UOJ really is not JBFA, so I do not know why they quibble about it - what they should do is to simply admit that, yes, they believe in Sola Gratia but they do not believe in Sola Fide.

In UOJ there is no function for THROUGH FAITH. Hence, they are not in line with the doctrine of the Reformers.



GJ -

Dr. Lito Cruz is a math professor. I understand some math dissertations are only a few dozen words long.

The post above reminds me of Luther's comment that the Enthusiasts talk about Jesus but tear down the bridge to Him.

UOJ is supposedly all grace, but the Stormtroopers do not teach the Means of Grace.

This universal grace - where is it announced and how did it reach every single pagan, atheist, and polytheist - even before birth.

And yet, these lying UOJ artists want us to believe they still teach justification by faith.

And where is the Holy Spirit in this UOJ muddle? God works only through the Holy Spirit in the Word. And yet these UOJ Enthusiasts have God at work without the Word, without the Spirit.

They belittle faith but claim they teach justification by faith after they are finished railing against faith.