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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Church Growth Fraud - Still Going Strong

I was looking at the Church Growth stars in the previous post. They are at retirement - even Paul Calvin Kelm, world's oldest college chaplain. (Still no report on evangelism exploding from his cell groups, as promised by Wisconsin Lutheran College)

At first I thought, "They have to explain about all the shrinkage they caused in WELS during their careers."

But the reality is, they never cared a bit about that. Church Growth was just a smokescreen for their love of anti-Christian dogma, UOJ being the centerpiece.

The typical WELS DP will get rid of a congregation or split it, just to get even with someone who ruffled his tummy feathers in some small way. They love to flatter a dysfunctional layman or two, to get even with a pastor.

Loyalty given is loyalty returned. They are surprised that everyone yawns and gets busy doing something else - when another once-in-a-lifetime-giving-opportunity is announced.

They had their fun in the last 40 years. The ELS will pass away first, then WELS.

The LCMS will last longer and become the Episcopal Church of the Synodical Conference. The endowments will prop up the shrinking congregations while multi-culturalism flourishes. A future LCMS Synod President will apologize to the lesbian couple in the parsonage for questioning their lifelong devotion and sanctified state.

The apology will be accepted graciously but with some reluctance.