Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The CORE Does Have a Cross - When the Wind Is Blowing.
Willowcreek Community Church Is the Model for WELS and Missouri

The stinky old bar has a tall brick chimney, ideal for attaching crosses facing the cardinal points of the compass,
a definite advantage in visibility and identity.
Some might call it a witness to the Gospel of Christ.

Crosses appear on the banners when the wind is blowing right.


Senior Pastor Tim Glende has quite a record in real estate. He sold a paid-for church on the campus of the University of Illinois in exchange for a debt-ridden new unit outside of town, on the edge of a corn field.

But how much Bethlehem Lutheran Church gained!

A new name! Star of Bethlehem.

Plans for a coffee bar!

So much debt that Star of Bethlehem is now struggling to exist.