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Monday, February 25, 2013

UOJ Breeds Antinomian Excess, and the Price Will Be Paid.
WELS DPs and the SP Refuse To Deal with Reality

This ferocious puppy reminds me of DP Seifert and the rest
of the doctrinal cowards, who snarl at something good
and cover up whatever is evil and criminal.

At the pastor/teacher conference last week, WELS Michigan District President John Seifert warned everyone specifically to get off the Intrepid Lutherans so they are not associated with Rydecki and his false doctrine.

I have also heard three reports of WELS pastors in that district going to laity to tell them to leave the Intrepids, with the same reason given as above.

Like SP Mark Schroeder, Seifert is a passionate opponent of justification by faith, an ardent exponent of universal forgiveness without faith (UOJ).

UOJ makes everything possible, everything justified. The DPs turn away from the true Law of God and base their rants on man-made law, Pharisaical legalism, invented tradition, and hatred of the Law (Antinomianism).

When Church and Change began, using synod funds, to promote Fuller Seminary dogma and later Emergent Church Unitarianism, where was Seifert?

When he was a Circuit Pastor, and Columbus started a Church Growth Agency with a divorced LCMS ex-pastor in charge (Floyd Luther Stolzenburg - for cause), where was Seifert?

When Stolzenburg and VP Kuske started a stealth Emergent Church congregation, Pilgrim Community, where Lutherans were told not to attend, where was Seifert?

When Church and Change--under Mark Jeske, Paul Kelm, Bruce Becker, Steve Witte, Don Patterson--grew and morphed into many sub-groups, where was Seifert?

But when a blog began to discuss Christian doctrine, a topic studiously avoided in WELS, Seifert and the DPs formed a chorus for selectively excommunicating justification by faith "heretics." Even while DP Buchholz told the congregation that they were still studying the issue, Jon-Boy kicked the pastor out of WELS. So - the DPs, previously motionless and inert, helpless and befuddled, roused themselves to sweep WELS clean of any Intrepids, who were in blog fellowship with R_________.

Meanwhile, Mark and Avoid Jeske has risen to new heights. He got himself appointed to the Thrivent Board, so he is now a paymaster for three synod presidents. He got himself a new gig at ABC-Disney as well, so many more people can hear his jumble of Napoleon Hill, Fuller Seminary, and Pietism.

Jeske is a vine of poison berries bearing much fruit. Proverbs 24:16 For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.

Jeske had one of his cell group meetings, Men of His Word, in Fox Valley, at Bethany, where the pastor plagiarized Chuck Swindoll for his "devotion" in the church newsletter.

The floozy in her onesie is Katy Perry,
famous promoter of soft-core porn music videos.
Glende and Ski featured these photos on their Facebook pages.

Jeske planted his former employees, Ski and Bishop Katie, at a fake church called The CORE, which is only the evening service for St. Peter Cares in Freedom. No one will admit how much money Ski and Tim Glende have burned through in the name of The CORE, but an initial early figure was $250,000, as  published by Rich Techlin. That was before it really got started. Recently, Ski bragged that they bought a stinky old bar in downtown Appleton for over $500,000 - with a generous grant from WELS.

How appropriate for the sect known for its alcoholic and adulterous clergy - to turn a bar into a church, since they turn their churches into bars, 24/7. Why not keep a keg-o-beer in the fridge at all times?

We know from the Tweets of Katie, Ski, and Glende that the trio went to countless Schwaermer sessions to train for the awesomeness of The CORE. They were not alone. Eight WELSian church workers (the kind featured at Martin Luther College Evangelism days) joined them at worship sessions of Andy Stanley, who recently outted himself as a gay activist. Did any DP object? No - DP wannabee Don Patterson took people to one, Exponential, and helped hired Ed Stetzer, another Babtist, to speak to WELS.

Did anyone with clout object to Ski and Glende plagiarizing Craig Groeschel, down to the graphics used for the canned sermons? A circuit pastor did - he was replaced. The DP - Deputy Doug Englebrecht - approved of the plagiarism, since so many WELS clergy do the same.

Parlow, Jeske, Kelm, and Patterson are Church and Change leaders.

Jeske is not alone, since he has so much help, but he is left alone to morph and metasasize. And Seifert is silent.

"Onward Fuller graduates,
marching as to war,
we will not be thwarted,
as we were before."


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