Saturday, March 2, 2013

Discussing the Bar Episode Would Violate the Eighth Commandment -
Said Joel Lillo in Discussing the Bar Episode

In the Synodical Conference and ELCA, discussing an issue is a violation of the Eighth Commandment.  No other Commandments need apply.

But according to one Lutheran author, there are three reasons for removing a pastor from his position:

  1. False doctrine.
  2. Refusal to do his work.
  3. Moral turpitude.

But if all three apply to a Church and Changer, nothing at all is done. If you object, you have violated the Eighth Commandment.


Joel Lillo has left a new comment on your post "Pastor Joel Lillo Did NOT Answer My Question, But ...": 


My question to you is this: "Why would you expect me to provide you with ammunition so that you can break the Eighth Commandment?" You should be thanking me that I'm not being an enabler for your sin.

Antinomian, indeed! Pshaw!!!!