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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ingredients, the Church of Rome, and UOJ

LPC has left a new comment on your post "A Corrupt Tree Brings Forth Evil Fruit. UOJ at Wor...":

Right on Brett.

There are RCC sleeper cells in the SinCons.

There are implants embedded in their midst.

Notice how these clergy salivate when the Pope is mentioned.



GJ - On Facebook someone brought up my father's bakery in downtown Moline. My father semi-retired, reluctantly, and went back to making candy at home - a unique style of peanut brittle he developed over the years.

I worked there as soon as I could do something worthwhile. I remember spending Saturday mornings there, at age 8. I was still working there just before college graduation and marriage, so I literally grew up there, washing dishes, mopping floors, making doughnuts, serving customers.

The shop has been gone for 25 years or so, but people talk about it. He made the best doughnuts anywhere, and I have tried them all.

The inescapable first step at Melo Cream was finding the best ingredients. No matter what the ingredient was, several grades could be purchased. He bought the finest grade of coconut, peanuts, and walnuts. No one sees those on bakery products now. Walnut halves are so much better than crumbles.

Chocolate icing should begin with cocoa. We bought squares that we melted with warm water underneath the metal pan. The vanilla icing was poured on top the melted squares and stirred to make a rich, chocolate icing. Many bakeries use a substitute or a hybrid with a chocolate look and little taste. Carob is so handy for that - the pods that the Prodigal Son wanted to take from the pigs when he was down and out.

I used to laugh whenever someone explained that cookies made with margarine were just as good as ones made with butter. Why argue with someone lacking taste buds? Cheaply made goods taste cheap.

That remains the situation today - in the food industry and in the church. When people are served up mediocrity, they develop a taste for it. In time, they demand it and turn away from richer fare. If the SinCons based their work on Luther and the Confessions, everyone would laugh their recent contributions off the stage.

But look at how they prove their case. They begin with their false assumptions--God has declared the entire world righteous, with false citations--and quote their own faction endlessly. Every so often they declare, "Oh my! We just found another UOJ quotation in Luther - or Calov - or the Book of Concord." A cursory examination shows that the passage concerns the atoning death of Christ, followed by, but left unquoted, justification by faith.

People must get past their loyalty to Holy Mother Church and realize that their leaders are nothing more than wolf-preachers who feast on mutton daily.

One indication should be enough. Missouri and WELS are happy to work with ELCA, even while ELCA pastors slaughter their own children with abortion coverage in their health plan. ELCA uses their lobbying system to protect abortion on demand from any pro-life measures. WELS and Missouri support this genocide by sleeping with the enemy.

Twenty plus years ago, Slick Brenner would say, "WELS is piling up sins for Judgment Day."

To paraphrase Luther, they would not pay $1 for a Gausewitz justification by faith catechism, so now they pay $20 for a Kuske UOJ catechism. Gausewitz was Biblical and concise. Kuske is...weird and verbose.

The District Pope who publishes in favor of plagiarizing false teachers will surely overlook lewd, alcoholic behavior. The brethren, as they call themselves, will definitely pounce on anyone who shows signs of leaving the cell-block, going over the wall to freedom. Plagiarists have a unity they cherish - "thick as thieves" as the saying goes.

But one cannot defy natural law forever. The price will be paid. I predicted that obvious fact to DP Robert Mueller, who became red-faced with anger. Soon his district was forking over $400,000 to a girl abused by one of their vicars.

Do members of WELS and Missouri know how much overhead is built into their contributions? Attorney fees, lawsuit settlement costs, higher insurance rates? Those little details are nothing compared to the human cost, the souls destroyed.

The Church of Rome has that cost already calculated into their budgets and theology. They have been taking hits for 25 years, out in the open, with one enormous settlement after another. Many assets have been sold, others hidden, to deal with final disposition of cases that never seem to stop.

Missouri pastors know that as they join Rome. The Whore of Babylon is indefectible, they say. Even if the pope runs off with Cardinal Secretary of State, Rome itself remains pure and spotless, because the Holy Spirit would not tolerate anything less. In fact, the turpitude of the clergy is used to highlight that fact.

WELS says it a slightly different way, laughing, "We are not good in sanctification." When faith sanctifies, and they deny faith, sanctification is impossible.

I will take one thimble of Luther over the entire Wawautosa set or the laughable Our Great Heritage. But I never liked Hostess doughnuts or moon pies.