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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Moral Failures Come from Doctrinal Apostasy

How ironic! - to have a church named Faith that drops faith from a classic passage about justification by faith - in a denomination where they pretend to teach justification by faith but excommunicate those who teach it.

Also from Faith, Radcliff -

Check out this article... Time of Grace ministry is based in Milwaukee, WI, at St. Marcus Lutheran Church, one of our sister congregations. The Holy Spirit works through the Word of God, and the Word of God continues to be spread through many different avenues! 

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The Paladins of Christ Youth Group thanks everyone who supported us in our spaghetti dinner. It was extremely helpful. We raised over four hundred dollars that won't just be used for the youth group, but will also go towards the congregation's activities. Thanks to everybody again! Sunday that we will be having a youth group meeting after Sunday School and that our agenda for that meeting will be the following: An after actions review of the spaghetti dinner, plan for parents night out and future activities. Check out the photos. [GJ - We compete with local restaurants because we cannot or will not support ourselves with giving.]

For reasons that surpass all human understanding, the UOJ fanatics imagine that removing faith from the Christian Faith will make grace abound.

This rank false doctrine comes from a system where repeat-after-me is considered an education, where no one dares ask a question.

Grace is not an opponent of faith, and faith is not an antagonist toward grace. The Scriptures and the Confessions associate them together.

If the readers think I emphasize this too much, consider this - WELS and Missouri clergy often say, "I was saved 2,000 years ago."

The LCMS clergy are heading to Rome,
following their UOJ leader, Edward Preuss.

That claim is identical to the Edward Preuss delirium, that everyone is born forgiven - endorsed by such UOJ warriors as Paul McCain and Jack Cascione. Such pratfalls come from divorcing grace from the Means of Grace, failing to acknowledge the Holy Spirit always at work in the Word.

Using faith as a postscript does not make UOJ Lutheran - or even Christian. The first claim is absurd - the entire world was declared forgiven (without the Word or faith or the work of the Holy Spirit) when Christ died - or when He rose from the dead. One would hope that universal absolution could be a little more precise than that.

Secondly, because UOJ starts with a falsehood, the second part is also false. Now you must believe that the entire world has been forgiven (Walther). The Great Kidnapper learned that from Bishop Stephan, who studied at Halle University, where G. C. Knapp taught the same. We know Knapp was not unique because the Pietist Rambach also identified the resurrection of Christ with world absolution, as Samuel Huber did. 

The Moral Failures of UOJ
Readers may recall that Tim Glende started two (2) blogs because he appointed himself the watchman over Ichabod (copying the title) and the blog of his attorney-member Rich Techlin.

Tim Glende used his two blogs to attack justification by faith, promote UOJ, and expose his scatological obsessions. But did the watchman watch himself? While pretending to be the Guarding of Lutheran Orthodoxy, Glende was plagiarizing the false teacher Craig Groeschel and lying about it. When confronted with the facts, he:
  1. Excommunicated Rich Techlin, with Deputy Doug's support.
  2. Got rid of the circuit pastor who dared to criticize his plagiarism - again with DP Doug's help.

Joel Lillo, his Enthusiasm wingman, just crowed that they got away with it again. The incident took place six months ago. What is normally a firing and criminal offense elsewhere is an adiaphoron in WELS - a matter of indifference.

That is why I suggest the first step as talking to an attorney, not a WELS pastor. Obviously the synod has been aware for half a year and done nothing.

If anyone thinks Missouri is better - they have a policy of destroying all evidence if the officials are so foolish that they take notes. Discussions are banned as well. SP Harrison ordered the "Steadfast" Lutherans to erase the thread about the most recent pastor-rapist, Darwin Schauer, and they steadfastly did what was ordered by the Synodical Pope.

When everyone is born forgiven, nothing is wrong - except questioning Holy Mother Synod. That, my friends and opponents, is a sin against the Holy Spirit, because God will not allow His Synod to err in any matter.

"I learned some Latin - Anathema sit!"