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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Randall Schultz - On Jackie Robinson and Hank Aaron

rlschultz has left a new comment on your post ""This Is Where We Came In" - Seeing Hans Solo Live...":

As a historical side note, Jackie Robinson went through a lot when he played for the Dodgers. Jackie was not well liked in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Braves and the Brooklyn Dodgers were always battling at the top of the National League in the 1950's. The Braves had hammerin' Hank Aaron and the fans loved him. Both Jackie and Hank had a good work ethic. Jackie stole home base 20 times in his career. That is a feat that is unheard of today. Jackie played in both the infield and outfield. Hank was a good outfielder known mostly as a heavy hitter. Major league sports were not the gladiatorial diversions back in those days. The players were not the whining highly paid sniveling brats that some are today. That good work ethic made the blue collar folks look up to them because of the good example that they set. Many of the players had to return to the work force in the off season to supplement their income.


GJ - The baseball cards and heavenly baseball gum contributed. We all wanted to collect cards, trade cards, and chew that bubble gum.

Today we were talking about the degradation of Wrigley's gum. The Spearmint and JuicyFruit flavors are awful, and the "gum" is plastic. Doublemint is tolerable, but tainted. Old Man Wrigley never allowed night games for the Cubs at home or fake mint flavoring. I used to drive by fields of mint around Sturgis, Michigan.

Baseball has gone downhill, too, with steroidal giants pouting and wanting to go on strike.

When I took kids to Cubs games, going from Sturgis to Chicago, the trip and tickets were reasonable. It was a great experience to be there.

The kids laughed when I told them to bring jackets. The cold wind off the lake was persistent, and they suffered for their mockery, high up in the stands. LI and I stayed warm.

Aaron was a surprise guest, so the audience went nuts when he walked out. He was modest and never talked about himself. He spoke with great respect about Robinson.


quercuscontramalum ( has left a new comment on your post "Randall Schultz - On Jackie Robinson and Hank Aaro...":

If you suffer the unfortunate circumstance of watching a baseball game, observe how many multi-million dollar salaried players don't even bother to race all the way to first base. Little leaguers are always told to go full steam through the first base bag on a single no matter what. But if a big leaguer cracks it to the shortstop, observe how quickly his lethargy sets in, overcoming his sportsmanship and vocation. He slows to a jog, negating any possibility-however remote- that a first baseman's bobble will keep him on base.


GJ - I saw my junior high gym teacher playing softball. He ran for first base full speed. The first baseman either tripped him on purpose or it just happened by accident. Mr. Lopez went flying headfirst, tucked into a front roll, and came up on his feet like nothing happened. That is the way to play.


Bryan Lidtke has left a new comment on your post "Randall Schultz - On Jackie Robinson and Hank Aaro...":

Even with the steroid age, there is nothing better than a good baseball game. The steroid age is coming to a close anyways (minus A-Roid). Minor League baseball especially is great. I've gone to at least 12 different minor league ballparks, most of them spectacular. I've also gotten autographs from countless players, some who have even gotten to the Majors. With tickets at $10 for the most expensive seat, you can't beat a MiLB game.


GJ - A lot of people love winter baseball in Phoenix. The costs are very low and they can talk to players who are untouchable during the season.

We took LI to a Yale sponsored game in Cleveland. We have great photographs of him there, toddling around the players, about age two.