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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Real Men Tell the Truth - So Skip This Jeske Conference.
2013 Session List « Men Of His Word

Oshkosh is near Fox Valley, so this conference is
a good chance to go look for the missing Ski
and ask questions.

2013 Session List « Men Of His Word:

I remember when Bishop Katie suddenly left her job at The CORE. She supplied a constant stream of Tweets about all the activities of Ski and Glende. Everything was fine. No crisis. And she was gone. I have no idea why, truly.

Now Ski seems to be gone for the next six months. I looked for news at St. Peter Cares (Freedom), where his MLS football buddy, Tim Glende, does damage control. The only indication was the March newsletter and prayers for Ski and his family.

CORE announcements are on YouTube (gotocore is the channel to follow).

Ski disappeared from The CORE website, then reappeared. The initial annoying movie is back. For a time all was black and the links were botched. But I could not find any information. "News" is blank. The calendar says very little.

One story has Ski suspended from pastoral duties for six months and in counseling. Outside the Jeske circle, this means being fired and off the ministerial list. But Ski is booked for a return to The CORE.

"Is he getting paid for doing no work?"
Why should that change? Your question is impertinent and a violation of the Eighth Commandment, Matthew 18, and countless unwritten rules in WELS.

Those who attend The CORE are not being told the reasons for this departure and the counseling.

Parlow, Jeske, Kelm, and Patterson are the Jelly-Tele-Tubbies of WELS.
Time to say goodbye, but they are tougher than a student loan to get rid of.

I have heard people say he is being "coached," which could be true. The Jeske circle includes several high-priced life-coaches, including DP Kudu Don Patterson. One pastor's wife, a survivor of vicarage at Holy Word is a life-coach. If the issue is demon rum, starting with a Holy Word person is not a wise move.

"We built Emergent on popcorn treats."

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Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel has left a new comment on your post "Real Men Tell the Truth - So Skip This Jeske Confe...":

Ichabod -

Far be it from me to have the high degree of interest that you have in this alleged "Ski absence;" but, allow me to advance a plausible theory:

* Perhaps, Ski is doing some type of ecclesiastical Lutheran penance?

* Maybe he said or did something which displeased the Jeske Lutheran synod of Wisconsin Evangelical Lutherans?

* Maybe Ski was inspired by the Pope to temporarily take a rejuvenating sabbatical vacation?

Nathan M. Bickel


GJ - Pastor Bickel - the page-views doubled overnight from people curious about Ski, and Ski posts turned into five of the top ten.

I am obliged to satisfy the Ichabodians' search for the truth. They already know that writing a certified letter, with a return receipt requested, will not even generate a response from synod officials. They will get their little green card in the mail, but nothing else. Simple asking for the facts is considered a grievous sin in WELS, a potential violation of their twisted fellowship rules, that allow WELS pastors to worship with gay activists like Andy Stanley while denouncing gay activists in ELCA.


bruce-church ( has left a new comment on your post "Real Men Tell the Truth - So Skip This Jeske Confe...":

It is interesting that Ski's church in Appleton is probably serving the homeless and bum crowd because if he loses his job and wife over his latest stunts, he may be joining that very crowd. In Italy, as a result of the Euro crisis and recession, many separated and divorced men in Italy have ended up homeless, especially since their child support and alimony payments eat up all their income and cash reserves:

Made Poor by the Crisis: Millions of Europeans Require Red Cross Food Aid:

The IFRC also noted a rise in poverty in previously middle-class families and individuals. In Italy, the group noted a rise in the homeless population to include single parents, "particularly separated and divorced men who end up impoverished or on the streets as they struggle to maintain themselves while keeping up child support and alimony payments."