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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

St. Paul WELS in Columbus, Ohio - Trained Glende Boys in Fuller Seminary Doctrine. And They Teach It Today.
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St. Paul is one of those rich, old prune congregations (formerly a plum but now shrunken) - ravaged and pillaged by the Church Growth Storm-brownies.

The Glende boys were wee little lads when Floyd Luther Stolzenburg was welcomed to expand his snake oil program into the Wisconsin Synod. Does this sound familiar? Tons of money were spent on someone the public education system refused to hire after he was kicked out of the LCMS for cause.

A proven false teacher, divorced by his long-suffering wife for emulating Bishop Stephan, Floyd was set up by VP Paul Kuske in another congregation, the sister church of St. Paul in Germantown.

How well has St. Paul done after all those years of Church Growthism, first by Floyd, then by Bob Schumann?

Shriveled. Tiny. Almost gone.

The Glende boys continue to beat the drums for Church Growth. Tim leads a Lutheran congregation (so-called) with Methodist sermons copied from Groeschel and Reggie McNeal devotions at the council meeting.

Doubtless Ron Ash, head of Church and Change, drove out most of the Lutherans before Tim's malignant reign.

How well did Tim do in Illinois? WELS burned tons of money to give him what he wanted. Now the parish he abandoned can barely pay the bill on the cornfield coffee shop he insisted on having. When Star of Bethlehem pays on the debt Glende incurred, they have nothing left in the checking account.

Does anyone see a pattern?