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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Was the Rydecki Excommunication a Smokescreen for the Fox Valley WELS Scandal?

Andy Stanley  called one of his gay activist conferences Taking It Off-Road, so I found a graphic to fit the theme.

I did some additional investigation and found out that the incident involving Ski and Tim Glende, at an Appleton bar, was six months ago (approximately) - the same time Jon-Boy Buchholz was ramping up his persecution of justification by faith.

Misdirection of the eye is the key component in magic, and it works well in public relations too. If everyone is consumed with one story, they will overlook another.

WELS gave Tim Glende's St. Peter, Freedom church a boatload of offering money to buy the stinky bar now called The CORE. WELS also loaned St. Peter the money to remodel and fumigate the bar.

On or about that time, as the police reports say, Tim and Ski created a scandal with their behavior, it is alleged from many sources.

I wrote to Ski to ask if he was being suspended. No response. I wrote to Joel Lillo, who identified my question with the Eighth Commandment. I also wrote to the local newspaper, the Post-Crescent, asking open-ended questions, giving all my contact information. No response.

No one has told me this, and I am only guessing. Could the sudden swoop on Pastor Paul Rydecki have been a convenient distraction from the Fox Valley scandal?

Why remind everyone that WELS was wasting money on another losing Tim Glende scheme, as they did with his almost-total destruction of Bethlehem Lutheran Church (now Star of Bethlehem) in Illinois?

By the way, I also asked one of my sources what his stalwart confessional Synod President was doing about this. No answer.


rlschultz has left a new comment on your post "Was the Rydecki Excommunication a Smokescreen for ...":

Since Appleton and Green Bay are in the Fox Valley, I will use a football reference. Folks there would understand your point if you said that the synod boys were running interference.


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