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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Actorum Huberianorum. Update - We Could Buy This and Get Part of It Translated and Published


I saw your post the other day.  Your link, as you know, brings up the title of the book, but no ability to access it.

Just found the following link.  I have no experience with it.  But it appears that, for $99 (Euro’s), about $135 dollars, one could order a PDF scan of the book.  


GJ -

If someone is interested in donating the $135 to buy this book, I can get parts of it translated and published.


The Wittenberg Faculty Writing against Huber's "Universal Justification"

“Never does Paul teach universal justification. For as far as concerns 2 Corinthians 5,the words ‘not imputing their trespasses unto them,’ they are not to be understood universally about all men regardless of faith.
Actorum Huberianorum pars prior. Durch die Württembergischen Theologen Pars posterior, p. 122

A. Berean has left a new comment on your post "Ecclesia Augustana":

Where can someone find a copy of Actorum Huberianorum pars prior. Durch die Württembergischen Theologen Pars posterior? That quote from the Wittenberg theologians is fantastic.


GJ - The Ichabod research department found it here:

Leyser was an editor of the Book of Concord.

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