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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Benjamin Wink Schools Fox Valley Pastor Joel Lillo on Happiness

When your  ladies' spiritual retreats are known for gross staff behavior
and  bets on who will puke first,
you become District President - right Kudu Don?

Hi Gregory,
Don sent you an invitation to connect 4 days ago. How would you like to respond?
Don Patterson
Don Patterson
Pastor at Holy Word

Joel has left a new comment on your post "Ski Has Resigned, Effective 4-12-2013.":

I'm sure you're happy.


Kangaroo Cool - this would be a good upgrade on Easter bunny petting ads,
used by WELS - but hard to find this year.

Benjamin Wink has left a new comment on your post "Ski Has Resigned, Effective 4-12-2013.":

I don't think that anyone should feel happy about any of this. Look how far it went. A glorified light show and viewscreens, like a Pink Floyd concert only with worse music.

Look at how much money has been wasted during the course of this venture. Seems like a variation of the old casino standby: "You gotta spend money to make money." Instead of "make money" however in this case it was "gain souls". Both statements are fallacies. Show me the raw data that shows that viewscreens and praise bands with watered down (at best) messages win souls over the incredible power of the Law and Gospel. How can anyone have the audacity to think that they have a better way than God's way?

How can anyone allow their offerings to get filtered through to synod when these examples of money mismanagement keep popping up? Buying a new headquarters when you haven't sold your old one. Throwing money at a campus chapel that was not needed and that you're too ashamed to even have at the center of your own worship conference.

I remember when the Forward In Christ offering was THE thing. They were so eager to get the mission projects started, the synod threw money at anyone who first came in the door asking for it. They didn't need a good plan or even a plan, just a hand out to take it. No real discretion or examination committee or anything. Come knocking, you get money. And the funds evaporated like water on a hot skillet.

Incredible. I mean why create a fund for sustainability for the future? Just spend the money like water, don't balance your checkbooks, manage to get millions in debt. And faithful followers and congregants would just send more money to the synod instead of designating offerings to their local congregation's needs or local school's needs.

Until accounting is offered at MLC and WLS, more attention is definitely needed from the laity and members. Tightening the purse strings definitely is a good step in stopping the enabling of abuses and mismanagement.

Or you get stuff like the CORE happening. Like how your monies were used there?


GJ - This fiasco has been a continuous disgrace among all Christians. DP Engelbrecht covered it up from the beginning and really took up the cudgels against anyone who dared to disagree with Tim Glende or his buddy Ski.


Joel has left a new comment on your post "Benjamin Wink Schools Fox Valley Pastor Joel Lillo...":

Just so that we're clear here, The Core is not shutting down. Mr. Wink's comments seem to imply that it is. They will continue to have service and preach God's Word there. Just thought you'd like to know.


GJ - So who is going to conduct the worship and drink the leftover beer in the fridge?

Why are the movies of Ski still playing? They were taken down before.