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Monday, April 1, 2013

Schroeder Resigns Because the COP Wants a Lutheran Leader


For the past six months, the COP has pressured me to become a Lutheran leader, but I like being a Church and Change follower. My downfall was that blog I refuse to read or even mention by name. So many inside secrets came out that the COP was always reading it, trying to find out who was leaking all the information.
The trouble was, they read it so often that they started dwelling on those doctrinal graphics. It was bad enough to have Luther, Chemnitz, Melanchthon, and the Book of Concord quotations on attractive Photoshops. What really hurt was seeing the quotations from our own beloved teachers contrasted with them.
I would not have minded if you-know-who had labeled Luther quotations MISLEADING, the way our beloved seminary does. But he let them speak for themselves, apparently. I don't know. I never read that blog. And I really hate his Photoshops of me - the ones I have heard about. I never look at them.
So the COP gradually began to read the Confessions on their own. They never told me. I could have warned them. I would have said, "Why give up all that Thrivent booty? The foundations? The love of our ELCA brethren and sistern?" They wanted to go on their own and quit Thrivent, ELCA, the Lutheran Federation, and Lutherans Concerned.
I lost my temper and said, "Well, I resign. I have never been for justification by faith. UOJ was good enough for Knapp, Walther, Scaer, and Valleskey. It's good enough for me." And they accepted my resignation. A prophet is not without honor, except in his own synod, I guess.
Now I am at a loss. The other synod leaders have been reading that awful blog too. I heard the page-views were gigantic. Sickening. 
I am going to have trouble finding a job, but I won't leave UOJ behind. 

Fox Valley Pastor Joel Lillo has left a new comment on your post "Schroeder Resigns Because the COP Wants a Lutheran...":

Wow! This one didn't even garner a comment from the usually reliably gullible Pastor Emeritus!

He usually believes everything you put into print.


GJ - When are the pastors of your WELS circuit going  to do something about the cancer growing in your midst - The CORE? 

Most people have surgery to remove cancer. Fox Valley got a cancer transplant when Ski moved from Jeske's circus to his own little sandbox in Appleton.