Tuesday, April 16, 2013

WELS: [Callrept] Pastors - 04/15/2013 - Officially Reported on WELS.net

WELS: [Callrept] Pastors - 04/15/2013: "------------------------------ R E S I G N E D ---------------------


Skorzewski, Rev James R St Peter - Appleton WI 04/12/2013"

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GJ - I am copying this from the WELS.net site, as I do so many stories, to show that I do not publish lies and distortions. The information either comes from official sources (copied because they are soon erased) or from multiple witnesses.

Lies and distortions describe WELS cover-up attempts, which we realize have continued in this case alone for more than three years. Remember that  - when a WELS pastors is trashed and shunned for being a "false teacher" but a proven false teacher (like Glende, Kelm, Hunter, Wendland) is praised by those same calumniators.

"I thought Ski was at The CORE."

Answer - there is no such congregation. He was a staffer at St. Peter, Freedom.

Copying Craig Groeschel does not make you Craig  Groeschel.