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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Remove the Twelve Apostates of WELS, Starting with Deputy Doug Engenbrecht

Tim Glende, Ski, and the Fox Valley pastors are easy targets, because they are the obvious manifestations of WELS dogma, WELS unstated rules, and their precious UOJ. 

But these things do not happen without leadership, and Deputy Doug Engelbrect is definitely a leader. He practically sat in Ski's lap when St. Peter had to meet and replace the pastor--who found out about the deceit at Glende's congregation and asked for an immediate transfer, which was granted.

Moving a worker who objects and remains silent has always been a WELS tactic. Forget writing a letter and sitting down and telling someone his sins. Just make the issue known and wait for the maneuvering to start. 

Turning to their beliefs at Engelbrecht's congregation, what do I see but a verbatim copy of my brochure - which I invited everyone to copy - and Engelbrecht did - We Still Believe

A CLC (sic) church has my statement for their page About Us. Y'all remember that when those sects call me a false teacher. 

An Anglican church has a slightly edited version. Here is another WELS copy.

Engelbrecht has one of those sappy WELS Questions and Answers on his Trinity, Neenah websty. 

The answer should be "Yes, if you have a mission/vision statement that you claim has come to you from God Himself."

But no, they misunderstand Luther on this topic, who used such an example to explain the dominance of sin.

The Northern Wisconsin District of WELS should be more concerned about Engelbrecht sinning when awake than when he is dreaming.

Engelbrecht showed his eagerness to lead in the wrong direction by:
1. Ignoring repeated sexual harassment of a female church worker, including pornographic terms being used around her and nude photos of Brett Favre shown to her. This developed in an era where an office pin-up would get any man fired on the spot and walked out the door five minutes later.
2. Not caring about a pastor being drunk on the job and obvious addicted to alcohol.
3. Lying to St. Peter in Freedom about the situation at The CORE, which is their evening service - not a separate congregation (a lie within a lie).
4. Lying to the synod and district about what was being done. Story A (to the congregation) - Ski will be back in six months. Story B (synod) - he resigned from the ministerium. Engelbrecht and Glende did not tell the congregation the truth about the charges. SP Schroeder showed up at a congregational meeting at St. Peter - just before the Emmaus conference.
5. Openly supporting the plagiarism of Groeschel and other false teachers, not only by Ski and Glende, but also by Bethany in Appleton, and John Parlow. 
6. Backing the secret, underhanded excommunication of Rick Techlin, who objected to the outrageous behavior of Ski and Glende, not to mention the constant deceit being practiced at St. Peter in Freedom.
7. Supporting the WELS gift of a bankrupt bar for St. Peter in Freedom, so Ski could have his own personal sandbox (with a beer and wine license) to play in. The $500,000+ gift from WELS to St. Peter would not have happened if DP Doug had objected.
8. Threatening pastors for doing their jobs as servants of the Word.

Jon-Boy Buchholz is another example of bad leadership. He and Mark Schroeder were going to lead the forces of reform in the Wisconsin sect, plotting against the eevul Church and Change leaders.

I noticed right away that Buchholz, who asked to meet with me in Phoenix, was eager to defend Church and Change leaders while pretending to be against it. He even denied that the Changers were being promoted at all the synod schools.

What is the first rule of the Fight Club? Deny there is a Fight Club.

Buchholz took a chance to be a positive leader and threw it in the gutter. WELS DPs love to brag about how they can remove a pastor on whim, just walk in and boom! Buchie bragged about that divine power to me, but he spent years realizing that WELS really needed a Rick Warren clone like Jeff Gunn. But Buchie needed only a few weeks to excommunicate Pastor Paul Rydecki and foreclose on the congregation's mortgage.

What heinous sin did Rydecki commit? He studied the topic of justification by faith--the Chief Article of Christianity--discussed the issues with his congregation, and taught it.

Now Buchie makes a point of sitting with Jeff Gunn at conferences, even though CrossWalk was not allowed in the WELS previously. While Buchie was studying this weighty matter, Gunn was considered for a call at Wisconsin Lutheran College and put on the board of that Shrinker school - Fuller without the seminary. WLC is the home of Church and Change. Buchie began promoting Gunn, the youth leader with an atheist son.

When Arizona-California pastors were appalled at Gunn's congregation being welcomed into WELS, Buchie snapped at them, "He has repented. Have you?"

Buchie considers himself a great expert on justification, because he gave an essay on the topic at a WELS convention. That is a big deal for someone growing up in one of the smallest sects in America. This singular honor has kept Buchie from doing any real study of the issue, apart from scrounging up pathetic arguments for the entire world being forgiven, saved, period, end of story.

Who has done less with more than Kudu Don Patterson?
An Evangelical friend agreed with me that all the corruption in Washington DC was preceded by the same vices in the Christian Church. He said, "They do not have the Word."

Patterson is another Church and Change grifter, who has networked for tons of synod money so he can run around a be a big-shot while someone does his pastoral job. Normally that is reserved for DPs, who get the money to have a stand-in, to make it easy to attend lots of meetings and have a winter vacation with the other apostates down in the sunny Caribbean.

Patterson got his synod money early. He dined sumptuously every day and wore purple and fine linen suits while hunting vegetarian deer in Africa. An eye-witness told me about the alcoholic binges hosted by the Holy Word women's group. The ladies bet on who would be the first newbie to puke her guts out.

He knows the first rule of the Fight Club. He denied being part of Church of Change, yet he attended the "last meeting" of Church and Change. He posted on the Church and Change listserve, but I was condemned for quoting it. Guess what disappeared soon after? The Changer listserve - at least my access to it.

Patterson grew up in Garland, Texas. Comments were not yet subject Open ID - I received a continuous stream of anonymous, venomous attacks from Garland. Little ol' Garland lit up on a regular basis. I kept trying to guess the person who wrote them. I have no proof, but I think Kudu Don was directly involved. When I began tying specific comments to someone logging on from Garland, the comments stopped.

John Seifert - another Robert Mueller, but without the personality.
Seifert made sure everyone knew he was against Church Growth and loved to have others speak about it instead of him.

But how did he remain on so many synodical committees while the Shrinkers took over?

He heard Frosty Bivens, a neighbor at the time, come out of the closet as a Fuller Seminary student. Since this happened in front of the entire circuit, with several additional visitors, it was hard to deny. But Seifert forgot that fact twice, even though he was there. Bivens went on to tell seminary students that he could not understand how I got the notion that he went to Fuller. Ditto Valleskey, who also admitted the same fact to David Koenig, woebegone pastor in the CLC (sic).

Few people realize how the GA system of lying is embedded in WELS leaders. They constantly deceive to cover their tracks and to communicate a simple message - don't get in the way of the agenda.

The rest of the DPs are just as bad. America is a democracy where we elect tyrants.