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Friday, July 12, 2013

More Are in Church in the SynCons Than in ELCA?
But Does That Count the ELCA-Cons of ELCA, NALC, LCMC?

Our UOJ is working!

narrow-minded has left a new comment on your post "Steadfast Lutherans » Guest Article — ELCA Has Big...":

While the article from "Steadfast Waltherians" properly states the errors of ELCA, is Missouri rubbing its hands about possibly being bigger someday? It is truly about souls, or it is about money and prestige? Is it about Lutheran orthodoxy? No, because the LCMS is ELCA-like in many regards.

The stats for Missouri are also declining, but the article failed to mention that.

According to Wikipedia, the 2010 LCMS membership was 2,278,586.


narrow-minded has left a new comment on your post "More Are in Church in the SynCons Than in ELCA?But...":

I have to issue one correction to my post: The number of clergy in the LCMS is not in decline. Note the general trend of the clergy-to-congregation ratio increasing post-WWII. Although there was a "Seminex Dip" in the mid-70's and a few dips in the 90's, this spread has generally increased since WWII.

Is this partially due to people leaving the cities for the suburbs? Is this partially due to more parishes having assistant pastors? Whatever the reason(s), I find this interesting, especially considering the number of sem grads on permanent CRM-status, Missouri-speak for "being punished."

For a synod that allocates roughly one-percent of its budget for the sems, Missouri sure likes to rake in the money from sem students.


GJ - Someone has trouble with the facts. Three different groups, supposedly at odds, can be grouped together: LCMS, WELS, ELS. The ELS will soon exist only as a historical footnote, according to its own study.

ELCA should be counted together with the bishops' synod (NALC) and the earlier break-off (LCMC) because they have a similar doctrine, except for the ordination and marriage of gays. They ordain women and practice open communion. Wait a minute - so does WELS and the ELS.

This old "My group is better than your group" makes Steadfast utterly boring and predictable. They only allow discussion among those who agree with their ossified and unearned praise for themselves.

The only measure of success is fidelity to the Word, and none of the above are even close to that.

The SynCons and ELCA-cons agree with this,
so they are failing together, epicly.