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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wondering about the Crystal Cathedral Grounds - They Are Landscaping with Crepe Myrtle Bushes

Crepe myrtle bushes can be left to develop in this fan-like shape
or pruned for the tall vase effect, which I prefer.

People are reading about the Crystal Cathedral from earlier posts, perhaps because the Church of Rome is completing the re-design of the property they bought from the bankruptcy court. To set the church off from the rest of the campus, the building will be  surrounded by hundreds of crepe myrtle bushes.

I only need a few hundred more crepe myrtles to set off the location of Bethany Lutheran Church. The first one is doing well.

All the prosperity Gospel nonsense comes from various occult religions, via Norman Vincent Peale, who plagiarized his best-seller--The Power of Positive Thinking--from another writer, Florence Shinn. Another key player in Church Growth is Karl Barth, the Swiss Commie adulterer, who remains the official theologian of Fuller Seminary, not far from the late Crystal Cathedral. Later I will post about Barth being the most famous theo-plagiarists of all time.

Robert Schuller's Prosperity Gospel Bears Fruit
Milner said she is unsure if the case would go to the next level, which would require asking the full 9th Circuit to hear the case or appealing to the Supreme Court. The cases and financial uncertainty have taken a toll on Schuller, who is 87 and has had a number of health problems recently, Milner said.
“Even though he’s happy, he’s penniless,” Milner said. “He has no assets. His house is fully mortgaged. Medi-Cal takes all of his Social Security. It hurts that he was abandoned by people who he served faithfully and loved.”
The Power of Positive Thinking is occult religion garbed in a Calvinist preaching gown, first through Peale, then through Schuller. If someone passed out the original book, with ties to the Ashcan School of American Art and the Unitarian Church, few would have taken notice. But when cloaked with pop Reformed thinking, and promoted as conservative, the same thoughts took root. Who has not said, "When one door shuts, another one opens"? (I don't think I have.)

Read the full article here about Peale and the occult:

Peale’s New Age Endorsements
In his letter to me, the Indiana pastor wrote how he remembered the Lutheran Quarterly article after reading my book Deceived on Purpose. My observation that Rick Warren emulated so many of Robert Schuller’s ideologies reminded him of Norman Vincent Peale’s alleged unattributed use of Florence Scovel Shinn’s writings. The Indiana pastor was surprised I had not mentioned the New Age link between Peale and Schuller. He said that the New Age implications of Warren’s teachings did not stop with Schuller or even with Schuller’s mentor, Peale. It stretched back through all of them to the occult itself.
Needless to say, the apostasy of the LCMS, WELS, Little Sect, and CLC (sic) rest upon the occult and the imbeciles fronting it for the Christian Church - Peale, Schuller, Warren, and Cho - all vastly honored and rewarded by their disciples.

Study this Luther quotation -
it explains everything about WELS/ELS, LCMS, and their pals in ELCA.
Satiety and curiosity drew Kelm, Valleskey, Olson and many more nitwits
through the fetid gates of Fuller Seminary.
Like the unusually hearty crepe myrtle, the earthworm multiplies and grows easily, so it is scorned and ignored. When I was explaining the spectacular beauty of our crepe myrtle, which easily outshines the rest in the neighborhood, I listed pruning and earthworms as the two causes. Our helper laughed and said, "You and your earthworms." Nevertheless, I gave him a children's book on earthworms...for his children.

What does a worm eat? Bacteria, primarily, which is why it should come as no surprise that soils with large populations of worms are usually bacterially dominated. Other foods are fungi, nematodes, and protozoa, as well as the organic matter on or in which these microorganisms live. How does a worm eat?

Jeff Lowenfels, (2010-09-10). Teaming with Microbes: The Organic Gardener's Guide to the Soil Food Web, Revised Edition (Kindle Locations 1386-1388). Timber Press. Kindle Edition.

The Means of Grace - Once Abundant - Still Available
Lutherans supposedly know about the Means of Grace. I am only guessing, since the term hardly ever comes up, even when they write about worship on their blogs and Facebook.

The term short-circuits any discussion about Universal Objective Justification (Forgiveness Without Faith). If the worship service is the Means of Grace, what does that do to forgiveness before birth?

Those who quietly believe in justification by faith do not want to incur the wrath of the UOJ Stormtroopers, who never cease following their Father Below.

Here is the WELS Means of Grace.