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Monday, December 8, 2014

Buddies of WELS and LCMS and the Little Sect -
From Exposing the ELCA

Three ELCA leaders laugh at your faith in God's Word.
Look at how well they have done with their alternative lifestyles.
There are few ELCA pastors that believe the Biblical account of creation (see here). Recently a discussion took place on a facebook page for ELCA clergy that began with an ELCA pastor writing this - 

“After teaching introduction to the OT for a group of laypersons in our synod, I was disappointed that one of the ten persons blasted everything I taught about Genesis for her final paper and presentation. It took courage, I think, for her to make her presentation, but she basically said that, if you believe in any form of evolution or if you believe someone other than Moses wrote Genesis or if you believe that the days of Genesis 1 are not literal 24-hour days, you're a godless pagan who goes against scientific principles and sound reasoning. I'm still astonished... and a bit disappointed.”

The comments that followed were revealing:
  •  “i'm often astonished and saddened how many people insist on believing in Mosaic authorship and 'literal creation.'"

  •  “Don't worry...I used to believe that too”

  •  “I can remember a lot of wounded people taking Pentateuch back in Seminary days. A lot of students started out not far from this woman's position and moved to a different one. It takes time. Perhaps you planted seeds.”

  •  “I would assume that kind of hyper conservative view of Genesis, Evolution, VERY common in our pews. I know it's very common here in Southern Indiana.”

  •  “had a similar experience in my last parish. People in the pews actually believe we all come from Adam and Eve.”

  •  'If she is planning on being a certified lay preacher, I say NO to that person's being approved.”

  •  “you can't fix crazy.”