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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Snoqualmie Falls - Staying at an Inn in Seattle - Next Door Neighbors - Retired Missionaries

We are staying at the inn to the left of the falls.
Snoqualmie Falls
We met our next door neighbors at the inn above the falls. First we were talking in the hall, and I had them pegged as missionaries. The wife said, "How?" I said, "You said you were 35 years in Coasta Rico. That had to be a mission."

Her husband came out of the room and locked them out, so we talked some more. They were both agog that a WELS mission was promoting a congregation where people went into the "service" with a cola and popcorn. The sound of munching popcorn during the prayers was beyond their imagination.

Both of them joined in talking about lack of support for world missions. But they added this, "We are getting all kinds of people, young and old, to come to traditional services with the old hymns. They cannot stand the new style at all and get nothing from it."

WELS and Missouri - even the Little Sect on the Prairie - have been aping the cutting edge Babtists and Pentecostals for years. Here is a new trend to copy - traditional services. Old hymns.

Many Lutherans have escaped to Rome and Constantinople because they want to attend a solemn worship service rather than a freak show starring untalented musicians and plagiarizing ministers. Nothing is deader than copied work.

We also praised the sound of a pipe organ supporting hymn singing.