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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

WELS Wit Is So Dry - Almost Not Even There - If You Know What I Mean

"Now that we know your worthless opinion,
feel fee to leave us alone to finish wrecking WELS."

Rik Krahn So Christian, I guess your rant leaves me wondering: if we are so clearly and obviously of a different spirit, then why are you here? Do you also hang around Roman Catholic pages, arguing transubstantiation with them? Argue zippers in Amish discussion groups? It sounds a little to me like the Packer fan who frequents a site dedicated to improving the Bears, and his regular contribution is to remind them that "The Bears still suck!"


GJ - In case you are new to WELS, the above statement, from WELS Discusions on Facebook, is an invitation to leave WELS, to be quiet, or both.

The Church Growthers in WELS, Missouri, and the Little Sect took over their denominations, lying about it. They own the schools, DPs, and SPs. Their money-man Mark Jeske is on the Board of Directors of Thrivent.

They got there by constantly carping about everything, by undermining anyone in legitimate authority. They made sure their guys got to be in charge. Now that they control everything, the only proper responses are:
1. Agree.
2. Apologize.