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Monday, December 1, 2014

Why Is Horst Gutsche an ELCiC Pastor? Why Is David Koenig Working with Him?
Why Does the CLC (sic) Support Koenig and Paul Tiefel?

ELCiC Pastor Horst W. Gutsche did advance work for CLC (sic) Pastor David Koenig,
for their conference in Germany.

ELCiC Presiding Bishop - Gutsche's boss - is Susan Johnson.
Who is minding the store?

Ask Pastor Paul Tiefel what he thinks of Gutsche and Koenig
working together - that should be fun and enlightening.
CLC (sic) Pastor Dave Koenig likes to stomp around,
pounding anyone who dares to criticize his false doctrine.
Why is he working with ELCiC?

GJ - We keep hearing about the Catholic Church sweeping these things under the carpet, especially in San Francisco - and how awful and evil ELCA and ELCiC (Canadian ELCA) are. But here is a CLC (sic) pastor - David Koenig - working with Horst W. Gutsche, whom Dan Fleischer brought into the CLC (sic).

Koenig is a great buddy of the Church Growth fanatics in WELS, and always defends them. The only doctrine he hates is Lutheran. He gave a one-hour tirade in his congregation about how horrible Lutheran doctrine is, so the CLC (sic) sent him overseas as a world missionary!

Koenig can do no wrong in the CLC (sic) because he is a Paul Tiefel buddy.

The European Lutherans are very upset
about the role of Horst Gutsche in arranging a theological conference.
That is no problem for CLC Pastor David Koenig and the CLC leaders.
Gutsche is currently serving an ELCiC congregation,
the Canadian equivalent of ELCA,
even though ELCA kicked him out of his San Franciso call
after his arrest.