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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Modest Proposal for the LCMS - To Be Emulated by WELS
And the Little Sect on the Prairie. JBFA Is the Chief Article:
Boycott the Emmaus Conference

Matt Harrison, LCMS President

Matt Harrison does not want to be in a synod that allows Matt Becker (Valparaiso U.) to go unpunished for having the same doctrine as Dave Behnke and a bunch of other Missouri clergy. However, he does not want to quit, so someone has to go.

I have a modest proposal for rectifying the issues in the Missouri Synod. Similar actions would benefit the mummified ecclesiastics in the ELS and WELS.

  • Restore justification by faith as the Chief Article of the Christian Religion, on which the Church stands or falls, the Master and Prince, the judge of all articles.
  • Repudiate Universal Objective Justification and give those charlatans, wolves, and peculators their walking papers.
  • Treat all the entertainment, seeker service, CoWo, clown ministries as the justification by faith, liturgical worship leaders have been treated.
  • Tell the truth about CFW Walther serving as Bishop Stephan's bulldog and pimp, until CFW organized a mob to steal all of the bishop's possessions, gold, books, and land - kidnapping the man at gunpoint.
  • Demand a refund for all synodical funds siphoned off for tuition at Fuller Seminary, Trinity Divinity, Mars Hill, and the Drive Conferences.

UOJ Stormtroopers have been pacifying
areas of unrest for years, and yet the conflict grows.
Perhaps the synod slaves have opened their eyes to the fraud.