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Friday, January 2, 2015

Boycott the Emmaus Conference - Here Are Some Reasons Why

These Thrivent salesmen have been busy aping ELCA while
pretending to be different from ELCA.
They teach the same dogma of universal salvation.
The Michigan Lutheran Seminary (WELS) cheerleaders
reveal the results of 50 years of apostasy through UOJ.

Our Righteousness Before God...
Is Revealed in the Gospel.
On this Righteousness Faith Relies.

April 22-23, 2015

Lecturers & Reactors
(click on the pictures for each speaker's curriculum vitae)


The Reverend David Jay Webber


The Reverend Dr. Herbert C. Mueller, Jr.
The Reverend
Jon Buchholz

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Having children put women's makeup on the pastor and council members -
all part of the fun at a WELS UOJ congregation.
Pastor Adam Mueller loves UOJ - and loathes justification by faith.

Reasons to Boycott the Emmaus UOJ Conference

  • Look at the presenters. Jay Webber has no academic qualifications, except being enrolled part-time in the Pan-Lutheran Institute of Lutheran Theology - ELCA, Roman Catholic, etc.
  • Jay's UOJ catechumen, Jon Buchholz is likewise unqualified by character and academic preparation, too lazy to read anything except WELS position papers.
  • Examine the fly-by-night Institute of Lutheran Theology, which appears to be a garage sale for any Lutheran to take any course from any instructor of any confession of faith. That is Jay's part-time STM program. Ludwig Fuerbringer used to avoid giving essays so he could stay home and study Luther and the Scriptures. Those days are over in the Synodical Conference.
  • Consider the title of Jay's"essay." The agenda is already given away - everyone is already righteous, forgiven, and saved. They just have to believe UOJ dogma - pure Pietistic rationalism from Bishop Stephan STD and CFW Walther, his enabler.
  • Like all UOJ Stormtroopers, Jon Buchholz is a notorious liar. He told Brett Meyer that I agreed with his (Jon-Boy's) UOJ and disagreed with Brett, shortly after Jon and I had lunch together - at Jon's request. Jon had a copy of Thy Strong Word but never opened it. 
  • Another lie from Buchholz - he would continue to discuss justification with Pastor Paul Rydecki's congregation. 
  • Jay and Jon had no trouble scarfing up money from the Schwan Foundation. Surely they know St. Marvin was a notorious adulterer whose wife killed herself after being divorced by Marvin. Good old St. Marvin married the wife of his supervisor, thus ending two marriages. But WELS and LCMS and the Little Sect on the Prairie could not praise Marvin enough. He was a Tabor and a Just, but with money - and they exploited that guilt and absolved him for cash.
  • The Emmaus Conference is a smokescreen for their full-throated union with ELCA through Thrivent. 
  • They have never told the truth - The Chief Article of the Christian Religion is justification by faith. Justification by faith is the master and prince, the judge of all other Christian articles. To listen to their buffoonery with patience is another way to undermine the Gospel.
They are all Thrivent salesmen, selling Irrevocable Charitable Annuities
for a commission, pretending
they are offering educational seminars about wills and trusts.